Frank Gehry: 'There's a backlash
against me' - Observer


Dezeen Wire:
architect Frank Gehry discusses how the success of the Bilbao Guggenheim sparked an inevitable backlash against iconic architecture in an interview with architecture critic Rowan Moore, but says expression is still a fundamental quality of his buildings - Observer

You can see more stories about Frank Gehry here, including the rippled steel skyscraper he completed in New York last year.

  • I won't worry so much. You are doing great work. thanks for being our critic way back in the 70's in Houston.

  • I enjoyed the article, and I agree that Gehry is not just preoccupied with accomplishing a flashy form. If anything, those flashy forms demand a very thorough research in materials and construction processes, in order to push the boundaries of what is buildable and not.

    As far as the relationship between the people that occupy the spaces he creates, I cannot really comment for I have not had the chance to visit one of his buildings. God willing, I would love to pay a visit to his iconic masterpiece in Bilbao as part of my bucket list ;)

    I however that this article was inspired by all the recent criticisms his projected Eisenhower memorial has gathered. And I must agree his critics do have valid points. To focus on Eisenhower in his childhood, instead of Eisenhower the Ally general, or Eisenhower the Cold War president feels a bit out of place. But then again, you'll never be able to please everybody, specially with monuments intended to inspire an emotional connection with a momentous episode of history.