WikiGlasses by Lynton Pepper


WikiGlasses by Lynton Pepper

London architect Lynton Pepper of 00:/ designed these open-source spectacle frames in 18mm plywood to be made from the offcuts of his studio's WikiHouse project.

WikiGlasses by Lynton Pepper

The WikiHouse platform allows people to design, download and 3D-print or CNC-mill components for building houses and environments. 00:/ used it to create workspace at Hub Westminster, shown below.

WikiGlasses by Lynton Pepper

Architects 00:/ previously designed digital advert-covered offices to straddle Old Street roundabout - see our earlier story here.

WikiGlasses by Lynton Pepper

All photographs are by Lynton Pepper.

Here are some more details from 00:/:

WikiGlasses by Lynton Pepper

WikiGlasses by Lynton Pepper

London architect and designer Lynton Pepper from 00:/ has designed a pair of customisable, self-assembly architect's glasses that are ‘printed’ from 18mm plywood utilising a CNC milling machine.

WikiGlasses by Lynton Pepper

The glasses were made in order to fill up the unused areas of ply sheets used by 00:/ to produce their WikiHouse design at the Hub Westminster. The furniture at the Hub Westminster was also designed and made by 00:/ using the same process.

WikiGlasses by Lynton Pepper

The WikiHouse project is a web platform designed to be an open source construction set that allows anyone to design, download, and ‘print’ CNC-milled houses and components that can be assembled with minimal formal skill or training. Each pair can be designed, drawn, plotted and slotted together within an hour.

WikiGlasses by Lynton Pepper

  • den


  • Just take one single step, and those 'glasses' will come off.

    Why not use the extra material for other things, like office appliances?

    • Malcolm

      Office appliances? You sound fun.

      Of course they're not useful but they are very amusing and why not? Why is flippant delight so sneered at?

      I also wonder if anybody who comments on here has ever submitted anything themselves. Ill post something if you do.

      • As I said, even if the glasses are intended to be a playful gimmick, they would still come off if you don't remain completely still –that doesn't sound like much fun.

        As for posting here in Dezeen, I'd be delighted and honored, but my boss would have to give the approval –My designs, his signature; you get the drill…

  • chapmaniac

    If a girl still looks hot with those ginger biscuits on her face (as this girl most certainly does) then she’s definitely a keeper!

  • Harvey

    Genius! Funny how no one ever thought to make spectacles from 18mm plywood before now!

  • Bruce

    You just have to laugh sometimes.

  • xtiaan

    0_o wow…. stylish AND functional….

  • Black Mirror

    Me like!

    And actually in the context of the ridiculous circus that is the old street roundabout they are probably a top selling item!

    Is it shallow to say the girl is hot? Yes…. well anyway….

  • Sam W

    re-use = yes… in this manner = no

  • C.Maine

    I think these are brilliant. They're obviously just a bit of fun – why's everyone so serious?

    • xtiaan

      because this is dezeen, a site thats supposedly high art and cutting edge design, so when we are fed crap the natives get restless

      • C.Maine

        Well Xtiaan, I suggest you stop waiting to be fed and present something you've cooked up that you feel is worthy.

        • xtiaan

          well gee thats a rational reply….
          am I not entitled to an opinion (an opinion most people here tend to share judging by the comments), you asked a question, I gave you an answer. I happen to like alot of what is on dezeen which is why i come here, and why I get vaugely annoyed when we are presented useless vanity projects.
          Besides which Im a sculptor, so my stuff doesnt belong here.

      • Black Mirror

        Hmm… I actually don't think they are crap!

        There's not much too them.. but they are beautiful… like some nice pieces of jewellery. What's all the hatin?

  • modernstump

    Those look very heavy. With a little more effort they could have been nice, but there's probably a better use of scrap.

  • matt

    This just makes me sad,why is this getting media attention!?!ridiculous

  • Colonel Pancake

    I have a feeling that making these open-source is a waste of time.

  • Le Corbusier

    I'd buy them.

  • Lynton Pepper

    We are currently working on the next iteration of WikiGlasses – a range of 18mm ply open source contact lenses.

    • pietro p

      Good one!

  • anon

    that's why architects aren't taken seriously. and next the MacGlasses?

  • C. Lee

    Poor design. Little or no peripheral vision. I would not recommend driving with them on.

  • andrevibollok

    totally hipster! Berlin will love it! those glasses = Zeitgeist

  • Murray212

    Nothing wrong with a bit of fun I say! reminiscent of the blackeyewear brand specs that see their popularity rise!