The Bank by Liz Muller
for Starbucks


The Bank by Liz Muller for Starbucks

Following the popularity of our story about a Starbucks designed by Kengo Kuma, here are some images of a concept store that the coffee-shop giant has completed inside a historic bank vault in Amsterdam.

The Bank by Liz Muller for Starbucks

Design director Liz Muller assembled a team of local artists and craftsmen to create features that include repurposed oak furniture, antique Delft tiles and wall coverings fashioned from the recycled inner tubes of old bicycle tyres.

The Bank by Liz Muller for Starbucks

Over 1800 individually cut wooden blocks make up the undulating ceiling, while the vault’s original marble and concrete floor has been restored and exposed.

The Bank by Liz Muller for Starbucks

A bakery is positioned at the rear of the store, while raised platforms provide stages for live music or poetry performances.

The Bank by Liz Muller for Starbucks

You can check out the Starbucks by Kengo Kuma and Associates here.

Photography is by Rien Meulman.

Here's some more text from Starbucks:

Starbucks Coffee Experience ‘Laboratory’ to open at New Concept Store in Amsterdam

In a few weeks, Starbucks will open a new concept store in Amsterdam, but with its ‘Slow’Coffee Theatre, hyper local design, floating community gathering spaces and  on-site baking, Starbucks - ‘The Bank’ is a glimpse into Starbuck’s vision to the future.

The Bank by Liz Muller for Starbucks

While over the last few years Starbucks has gone to great lengths to reinforce the superlative quality of its coffee and products, under the radar they’ve been re-defining the atmosphere in which we drink it. In Seattle, New York, London, Paris and now Amsterdam, Starbucks has been stealthily unveiling unique and highly individualized concept stores across America and Europe.

The Bank by Liz Muller for Starbucks

Starbucks – The Bank

Situated in a 430 square meter subterranean space in the vault of a historic bank on the popular Rembrandtplein, the new shop is the 9th Starbucks concept store to open in the last three years across the globe, but the first shop they are openly referring to as a ‘laboratory’. A large beautiful store inspired by Dutch culture and tradition, ‘The Bank’ will raise the bar on how Starbucks openly innovates.

The Bank by Liz Muller for Starbucks

The laboratory

Considering its well-earned progressive reputation, Amsterdam might be the perfect spot for trying out new things. Starbucks ‘The Bank’ will function as a testing centre for innovative coffee brewing methods in its ‘Slow’ Coffee Theatre and offer small batch reserve coffees available no where else on the continent. It will also premiere Starbucks first ever Clover® brewing system in Europe. The Clover® is one of the most significant innovations in coffee brewing since the introduction of the espresso machine. Starbucks – The Bank will also feature new food concepts including in-store baking. What works at ‘The Bank’ will make its way to the rest of Europe.

The Bank by Liz Muller for Starbucks

Repurposed hyper-local design

As with all Starbucks concept stores, the Amsterdam shop will be a radical aesthetic departure. Under the direction of Dutch-born Liz Muller, Starbucks Concept Design director, more than 35 artists and craftsmen have kitted the subterranean space with quirky local design touches and sustainable materials. Local design details include antique Delft tiles, walls clad in bicycle inner tubes, wooden gingerbread biscuit moulds and coffee bag burlap, and a ‘tattooed’ ‘Delftware’ mural highlighting the important role 17th century Dutch traders played in exporting coffee around the world.

The Bank by Liz Muller for Starbucks

And while all the design and constructions adheres to strict Leed® sustainable building guidelines to reduce the impact on the environment, the designers have gone out of their way to integrate repurposed design. In addition to reclaiming the vault’s exposed concrete and 1920s marble floor, the entire shop is kitted out in repurposed Dutch oak – the benches, the tables and the undulating ceiling relief made from 1,876 pieces of individually-cut blocks. Also a radical departure from Starbucks house style are the various types of chairs and stools, reclaimed from local schools and spruced up.

The Bank by Liz Muller for Starbucks

Neighbourhood hotspot

With window seat cushions, a centrally-situated oak table and multi-level spaces that cameo as stages for local bands, poetry readings and other cultural activities, ‘The Bank’ is positioning itself as a cultural gathering spot in the middle of Amsterdam. With literally thousands of people living within a minute’s walk, the shop will also playfully use social media to communicate relevant moments. For example, the bakery will send out a tweet announcing ‘warm cookies’ the minute a batch rolls out of the oven.

  • Ladislav Kubo

    Corporate crusade decorated by a hip green (brownish) icing :-)

  • will

    wtf!!! all that precious timber for a coffee shop franchise!! get real!!

  • i can have coffee..three cups a day..all day long …only here!!

  • H-J

    Too bad their coffee sucks.

  • スタバのこの姿勢は大好きだ。

  • Chris

    No matter how individual a Starbucks appears, it's individuality is completely destroyed by the fact that their coffee tastes average and that they're a multinational business corporation that destroys local business.

    • Benjamin

      Starbucks don't destroy local businesses….. their customers who freely walk in and buy their coffee there do.

  • seni

    Why why why… much wood is being used!! I hate Starbucks

  • WOW….. what a Starbucks! Have to check it out one day!

  • LOW

    Could we focus on the design instead of on "Starbucks is Satan"? If this were some indie coffee shop everyone would be drooling all over their thick-rimmed non-perscription glasses. I think it's nice twist on an existing structure and a good use on local talent, local materials and local artistry, even if it IS a Starbucks.

  • Tom Ford

    Design-wise: Hipster cliches everywhere. Otherwise: Imagine how many privately owned great little coffee shops this corporate behemoth displaced.

    • Benjamin

      Ever heard of a free market Tom?

    • anonymous

      as far as displacement goes, theres a coffe company right across the street. coffe company being the starbucks-clone by the dutch quasi-monopol supermarket chain Albert Heijn.

  • interesting if a little overwhelming on the eyes

  • I want to have my chai latte here!