Textile Sketch
by Kiki van Eijk


Textile Sketch by Kiki van Eijk

This collection of furniture by Dutch designer Kiki van Eijk looks like it's made of textiles but is in fact fashioned from solid metal.

Textile Sketch by Kiki van Eijk

The Eindhoven designer used laser-cutting, welding and blow-torching plus gold- and nickel-coated thread to give the illusion of lace, piping, fringing and crochet.

Textile Sketch by Kiki van Eijk

The Textile Sketch range includes a dining table, high table, low table, lamp, chair and room-divider.

Textile Sketch by Kiki van Eijk

It's on show at The Pop-up Generation exhibition at MOTI Museum until 12th April.

Textile Sketch by Kiki van Eijk

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Textile Sketch by Kiki van Eijk

Here's some more information from Kiki van Eijk:

Textile Sketch

Part of a furniture collection that brings flat and mobile textile shapes to life in solid heavy metal; the different techniques Kiki discovered in a metalworkshop inspired her “to capture the delicate nature of fabrics: laser-cutting lace, 3D laser-cutting piping, welding and blow-torching fringe, coating gold and nickel thread, and even attempting to fluff-up a metal pillow!”

A first sketch of cut and folded textile pieces results in a table with a flat and textile feeling.

  • Beppe

    the chair doesn't look comfortable…the range is sharp

  • okpala


    the furniture has the lightness of lacework, indeed

  • Penderlina

    In the words of Maggie……"no no no"

  • Randy

    imagine the corner of that chair caught your toes….

  • "Look honey, I knitted you a table!"

    "Um, thanks Granny… it looks… cozy"

  • andrew

    Just because you can…. you know the rest.

  • Fredrik

    I don't understand why this was necessary. Recreating a fake impression of using textiles (with a soft connotation) by using laser cut metal (cold, hard…) could be interesting but this solution doesn't bring it.. For me, this is no good design. I'm guessing Kiki van Eijk lost track somewhere.

  • Torquato Tasso

    Dezeen, please, no more renderings! They are even quite badly done…

    • deedee

      Dezeen, please, more renderings! As long as they are renderings, we don't have to waist resources on prototypes, leave alone production models for poor designs like these.
      The rendering is the 21st Century prototype.

      • Yahtzee!

        Renderings can not properly illustrate material reality: how something feels or engages/reacts to the human body. I would have thought these qualities were more important than silly visual tricks when designing furniture.
        But, to be fair, this isn't furniture. It's barely design: cartoonish material masturbation

  • Unique design but there is no comfort.

  • Ano

    None of that makes sense. "The Eindhoven designer used laser-cutting, welding and blow-torching plus gold- and nickel-coated thread"? This isnt true. They are renderings. They don't, and couldn't, exist in reality. Every piece is an engineering impossibility. Complete nonsense. And terrible renderings anyway. Come on Dezeen, have some restraint.

    • Ano2

      Dear Ano,

      These are pictures of real products. You can go and see them in real at the museum of the image (MOTI) in Breda, Holland.

  • moti
  • comfort

    What comfort does a table need,…..???