3 Way House by Naf Architect & Design


Way House by Naf Architect & Design

This Tokyo house by Japanese studio Naf Architect & Design has a climbing wall and ladders, in case the owners get bored of using the stairs.

Way House by Naf Architect & Design

The seven-metre climbing wall is positioned in a courtyard at the centre of the house and leads up to rooms on the first floor, then on to a roof terrace hidden behind a two-metre-high parapet.

3 Way House by Naf Architect & Design

Ladders and staircases also connect the two floors, which together accommodate bedrooms and living spaces for a family of four.

Way House by Naf Architect & Design

We're noticing a trend for climbing walls in Japanese houses - see another one here. See all our stories about climbing walls here.

3 Way House by Naf Architect & Design

Photography is by Toshiyuki Yano.

3 Way House by Naf Architect & Design

Here's some more information from the architects:

3way House

A house which has three means of vertical transportation; climbing wall, ladders and stairs. The house is located in a residential area where old and new buildings stand intermingled and buildings are rebuilt to be taller than 7 meters high, as the vicinity has become "district where minimum limit of the building height is 7 meters above ground."

3 Way House by Naf Architect & Design

The client is a family of a couple and two children, and they wanted a traditional wooden house from the start. The structure of the building is a traditional two-storey wooden house with deck roof whose rooftop is surrounded by two-meter parapet to satisfy the regulation of minimum height of the district. The rooftop is like a room without ceiling surrounded by two-meter wall.

3 Way House by Naf Architect & Design

We've given three means of vertical transportation to this building of three layers; first floor, second floor and rooftop. The climbing wall leads from porch to the rooftop via courtyard; ladders go up from living room through an opening to hobby room; stairs start from kitchen to sun room where laundry is hung. These vertical paths of flow are also passages of sunlight and air, which contribute to creating a sunny and airy indoor environment. Up on the rooftop, roofs of neighbours can be seen stretching far. As the renovation of the vicinity goes on, the view from the rooftop will change with growing number of rooftops.

3 Way House by Naf Architect & Design

When we are on the ground, it is hard to realize the relations with neighbours up on the rooftop. We aimed to create versatile living space which allows more opportunities to socialize with neighbours while multiplying family pleasure by closely connecting the ground and rooftop with three means of transportation.

3 Way House by Naf Architect & Design

Name of the Project: 3way House
Location: Adach ward, Tokyo
Category: detached house
Zoning use district: -
Fire protection specification: -
Structure: Wood construction
Number of stories: 2 stories above ground

3 Way House by Naf Architect & Design
Maximum height: 7.699 m
Maximum eave height: 5.655 m
Frontal road: 4.00m on the south / 6.00m on the east
Site area: 63.47m2
Building area: 44.41m2
Total floor area: 90.71m2
Completion: September 17, 2010
Architect: Akio NAKASA(director)

3 Way House by Naf Architect & Design

  • galessa

    How nice! Owners are alowed to fall from the climbing wall into that glass panel down there! Loved it.

  • Nino

    Around the world health and safety bods heads can be heard exploding…

    ..cool idea but the second image down is just asking for trouble!! OUCH!!!!!!!!

  • Nino

    PS I have always loved NAF architecture….

  • jamie

    Who needs a safety harness!? That plate glass window will break your fall!

    • Paul O' Brien

      Hopefully when a person falls, they hit the frame dead centre and have a double slap, you know the type; when your looking at an action movie in the cinema and you really feel the bad guys pain! OOOFFFFFF……….

  • Its a sure way to burn calories around the house!

  • Climbing vs stairs… awesome!

  • Shane

    “Just wanna make it easier for burglars to climb into my house..”proud home owner

  • Such a terrible idea. Only a matter of time.

  • Owen

    What if the member of family fall into the glass?..

    Even though they wanted to emphasize the amusement with neighbor , It seems to

    so dangerous . In addition, there isn't any safety equipment for climbing.

  • Jo.K

    Unless you are a ninja, I won't live in this house permanently… not to mention they have children. Design wise it looks interesting but let's face it, do you want to risk your safety living in this house?

    Are the clients family of Indiana John or what? There are many ways of fun that not risking bone fracture I am sure…

  • mariano

    you can't drink a beer in the house

  • kirsty

    Sadly a design piece but not a home. All in favour of climbing walls but properly done not as an impossible art wall with screw sticking out – ouch!

  • so… nothing in this house allows you to move larger, longer furniture up to the top floor? terrific!