Movie: Thomas Heatherwick on
designing a boat for the Loire


Movie: Thomas Heatherwick talks to Dezeen about his design for a riverboat in France in this interview filmed by Dezeen at Heatherwick's ongoing exhibition at the V&A museum in London.

Thomas Heatherwick's boat for the Loire

In the movie Heatherwick explains how the boat was commissioned to transport tourists and locals along the Loire river between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire.

Thomas Heatherwick's boat for the Loire

Unlike a traditional two-hulled catamaran, the boat will have a single hull that folds back on itself and stretches over to form an infinite loop. This makes space for two diagonal viewing decks from which passengers can look out towards works of art along the river banks.

Heatherwick has been talking about his work in a series of movies filmed by Dezeen at his exhibition at the V&A. Hear him talk about his studio's Christmas card tradition here, and how he created the UK pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo here. Find out about his design for a new London bus here, and see him demonstrate the machine that dispenses guides for the exhibition here.

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  • MoeBOAT ;)

  • grogfa

    so passionate and eccentric at the same time. Inspiring to be a designer.

  • Mr J

    A Moebius strip of a boat?


  • KennyPowers

    Flippin' awesome.

    Nuff said.

  • Grapes

    It looks like a Victorian nightmare.

    • Mrs_Pinky

      Grapes, Sour.

  • Paul

    It actually is NOT a Moebius strip.

  • james orf

    but is it good looking?

    • Phillip Starch

      um. Yes. When was the last time you saw a boat that had an actual idea behind its form rather than pointless styling?

  • Micahel

    Shudder. Not keen on that at all. More pointless shape-making.
    Last time I was on a tourist boat I wanted to look out at the surroundings, usually all 360 degrees. This one only offers 180 degrees at best from the external deck and then you have to run through the boat to see the other side or what's out the front or back… Not convinced.

  • Mizzi

    Would have to completely agree Michael!

    They’ve managed to make 2 bows which both have half their horizon views cut off. Answer: just have one that works!

    I like a lot of Heatherwick’s work but honestly this time he seriously got it wrong.

  • Devin du Plessis

    Have you ever stood on a boat spinning around to gain advantage of the 360 degree view? It’s to encourage your eye to look to ONE side.

    Any boat cabin restricts your 360 degree view!

    Beautiful form meets beautiful concept.

  • Ralph Kent

    Meanwhile, Marcus Fairs is thinking: “Look at this handsome chap”.