Adidas withdraws shoes
with shackles


Dezeen Wire
: sportswear brand Adidas has withdrawn plans to produce a pair of trainers with shackle-like ankle cuffs following complaints that they represent a symbol of slavery - Guardian

Adidas withdraw shoe with shackles

The JS Roundhouse Mid hi-top shoes were designed in collaboration with fashion designer Jeremy Scott and attracted criticism when previewed on the brand's Facebook page last week.

Disney also offended consumers earlier this year when it released a Mickey Mouse T-shirt mimicking the 1979 album cover of Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division, a band named after raped concentration camp prisoners with a lead singer who famously killed himself.

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  • Onelab

    The Mickey Mouse t-shirt refers to a famous album cover of a band, not to events that took place in concentration camps.

    So direct references between this t-shirt and concentration camps is nonsense.

    As if everyone seeing this t-shirt will make the link to Joy Division. And if they do, most will not know where the name comes from.

    I find it rather disturbing that people can make such a fuss about this while at this same moment people are being killed by totalitarian regimes all over the world.

    Why don’t they protest against that?

  • Onelab

    If Pitchfork takes such an offense to the t-shirt because of the reference to concentrations camps and the suicide of the frontman, I assume they will stop promoting music by Joy Division… or music by The Doors, Janis, Hendrix and Nirvana too!!

  • jmoody

    obliviously offensive shoes

  • They’re sick shoes, get them released, I want some