NLA chair launches T-shirt protest
against Olympic marketing rules


Peter Murray Olympic t-shirt protest

Dezeen Wire: angered that architects, engineers and suppliers have been unable to promote their Olympics-related work because of a marketing agreement with London 2012 organisers, New London Architecture chair Peter Murray aims to provoke debate on the subject at today's Creative Industries Summit in London by wearing a T-shirt listing all the architects and engineers involved in London 2012.

"Only Populous and Atkins, of those commissioned by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), can do this because they are 'Third Tier' sponsors," says Murray. "Privately, ministers suggest that architects should ignore the ban, but [they] will not say so publicly."

Despite this, Prime Minister David Cameron has organised the Creative Industries Summit at Lancaster House to promote British businesses through their involvement with the games.

"A report by the former chairman of the ODA has recommended that the ban should be lifted, but the Government says that cannot happen until next year, by which time it will be too late and the world's attention will have shifted to Rio." Murray told Dezeen.

The summit is being streamed live today with speakers including Apple designer Jonathan Ive and architect Richard Rogers.

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Peter Murray Olympic t-shirt protest

  • Excellent! I'm going to get one printed on my Team GB support T-shirt and wear it to all the events I'm attending!

  • Steve

    Er – shouldn’t you have Steve Lawrence of Carrick Howell and Lawrence on the T-shirt? He started the project in 1993 and designed the original masterplan in March 2000.

  • Grapes

    What about Patel Taylor?


    Was going to criticise Zaha Hadid’s name being an acronym (ZHA).

    But then I don’t think she wants to claim the Aquatic Centre with its water wings just yet.

  • We were delighted to read of Peter’s protest about architects, engineers and suppliers being unable to promote their Olympics-related work. The irony is that because of these very restrictions even his list is incomplete!

    KSS were joint architects with Wilkinson Eyre and thus a key part of SKM’s team on the highly acclaimed Basketball venue. Wilkinson Eyre led on the envelope and KSS were entirely responsible for the design of the seating bowl and field of play.

    Disappointed not to have made it onto your T-shirt, we have prepared a KSS badge in a matching font which is in the post! Perhaps Peter would consider wearing it next time he gives the T-shirt an outing?

  • You can watch BBC News interviews with Peter Murray and Angela Brady about the Olympic marketing rules on our Vimeo page: