Monthly archives: July 2012

Dezeen Music Project: Tightrope
by Francesco Fiotti

We end the week on Dezeen Music Project with the dextrous fingerpicking of Italian musician Francesco Fiotti on this beautiful acoustic guitar instrumental called Tightrope.

If you like what you hear, check out the track of his that we featured on Dezeen Music Project last month, which also features the serene cello playing of Marvin Ayres.

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Design Academy Eindhoven "gives in to
demands" of departed masters heads

Design Academy Eindhoven by Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

Dezeen Wire: three senior Design Academy Eindhoven teachers have agreed to return to their posts after claiming victory in their dispute with the school.

Jan Boelen, Joost Grootens and Louise Schouwenberg, the heads of Social Design, Information Design and Contextual Design respectively, resigned two weeks ago but will now return to the school in the new academic year. More »