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Black Ruby by Studio Debbie Wijskamp

Rubber pellets made from recycled car tyres form the knobbly surfaces of these bowls and pots by Dutch designer Debbie Wijskamp.

Black Ruby by Studio Debbie Wijskamp

Wijskamp mixed recycled rubber powder with glue to make the small pebble forms, which were then shaped onto moulds while sticky.

Black Ruby by Studio Debbie Wijskamp

We previously featured another project by Wijskamp on Dezeen – a collection of cabinets made from blocks of pulped paper.

Black Ruby by Studio Debbie Wijskamp

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Photography is by Debbie Wijskamp.

Here's some more information from the designer:

'Black Ruby Pebbles' is a series of bowls and pots which have been made from an unlikely material - recycled rubber from car tyres. The pieces are constructed from small pebble-like spheres of the industrial medium which are used as components for building up each individual piece.

About Studio Debbie Wijskamp

Debbie Wijskamp is inspired by the everyday objects and materials that we are surrounded by. She pushes the boundaries of materials to create new possibilities for objects like furniture and interior products.