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Dezeen Music Project: Same Mistakes (remix)
by The Young Professionals

Here's a dose of catchy electro-pop courtesy of Tel Aviv band The Young Professionals. The track is an upbeat remix of a song by emerging Brooklyn indie band The Echo Friendly, which is well worth checking out too.

We've featured loads of other great pop tracks of all different types on Dezeen Music Project, so have a listen to them here here.

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Seven Designers for Seven Dials:
aerial installations curated by Dezeen


Seven Designers for Seven Dials

London Design Festival: Seven aerial installations by young designers Faye Toogood (above), Vic LeePaul CocksedgePhilippe MalouinAberrant ArchitectureGitta Gschwendtner and Dominic Wilcox will be installed above the streets of Seven Dials in London during the London Design Festival next month, as part of a project curated by Dezeen. More »

"I don't really believe in instruction
manuals" - Marc Newson

"I don't really believe in instruction manuals" - Marc Newson

In this third movie Dezeen filmed with industrial designer Marc Newson at his London studio, he talks about his designs for transport and how a car should have as few controls as possible, saying "I don't really believe in instruction manuals. I tend to throw them away." Update: this interview is featured in Dezeen Book of Interviews, which is on sale now for £12. More »