Dezeen Olympics: most liked
Olympic designs


London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

Today we are awarding medals to the designs and architecture of the London 2012 Olympics that received the most likes on Facebook, and Zaha Hadid's Aquatic Centre takes the gold medal with over 5000.

London 2012 Velodrome by Hopkins Architects

The winner of the silver medal is the Velodrome designed by Hopkins Architects, which received nearly 900 likes. It was also nominated for the Stirling Prize 2011.

Olympic Shooting Venue by Magma Architecture

The bronze medal is awarded to the Shooting Venue by Magma Architecture, with spots that look like the suckers of an octopus' tentacle.

Tomorrow we will have a new category and selection of winners. Check out the most popular and most commented stories and take a look at all our stories about the London 2012 Olympics here.

  • R Donald

    Zaha Hadid has certainly created a stunning piece of functional and aesthetic architecture, which will be seen at its best when the ‘wings’ are removed after the Big Show, and deserves all the praise received.

    However, the Hopkins Velodrome is equally brilliant as an overall design and a classic piece of ‘maxi-minimalism’. Who to choose? Very difficult – OK – Zaha Hadid.

    p.s Thank goodness IT ( the tall thing) is not in the listing – as yet!!

  • Dom

    Between the aquatic centre and the velodrome, I would choose the latter. As attractive as Hadid’s design is, it has failed at a functional level.

    Looking at the section of the centre, it is obvious that spectators in the temporary wings cannot possibly have a good view of the events, as the curve of the roof obscures the diving boards and possibly part of the pool.

    One has to wonder why they even bothered adding the wings at all.

  • Peter f

    The aquatics centre isn’t functional at all. It is a formal and mannered piece of sculpture that exists desite its function not because of it – as predictable as it is boring and wasteful.

  • LetsDiscussDesign

    Many say the pringle makes you tingle and we agree; the velodrome therefore it has to be!