All Saints Chapel
by Gustavo Penna

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This cross-shaped chapel in Brazil was designed by architect Gustavo Penna (+ slideshow).

All Saints Chapel by Gustavo Penna

Unlike a cruciform, the concrete cross on the front and rear facades of All Saints Chapel is wider than it is tall.

All Saints Chapel by Gustavo Penna

Sunlight seeps into the chapel though a skylight that runs along the uppermost point of the cross.

All Saints Chapel by Gustavo Penna

Clear glazing surrounds the sides of the building, while the interior is lined with timber.

All Saints Chapel by Gustavo Penna

A pool of water is positioned just in front and aligns with the centre of the cross.

All Saints Chapel by Gustavo Penna

See more chapels on Dezeen here, including one with skeletons in its basement.

All Saints Chapel by Gustavo Penna

Photography is by Leonardo Finotii.

Here's some more information from Gustavo Penna:

All Saints Chapel

First, the baptismal font.

A source of pure water – the origin of everything.

Through the two river banks, one reaches the third – religare; the symbol/synthesis, the cross

All Saints Chapel by Gustavo Penna

Sky and earth – the vertical line

All men – the horizontal line

The internal space is created by displacing the sacred form.

The space is the movement.

The wood shelters, cuddles, protects.

Nature is around participating in solidarity.

All Saints Chapel by Gustavo Penna

Project name: All Saints Chapel
Architecture: Gustavo Penna, Laura Penna, Norberto Bambozzi, Alice Flores, Alyne Ferreira, Catarina Hermanny, Natália Ponciano, Priscila Dias de Araújo, Vivian Hunnicutt
Management and Planning: Isabela Tolentino e Rísia Botrel
Location: Martinho Campos – Minas Gerais – Brazil
Year designed: 2010
Year completed: 2010
Projected area: 160m²

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  • Paul

    I just love it – although I am not quite sure about the wooden interior and that Jesus sculpture.

  • xtiaan

    It would be great if it wasn’t a chapel. As it is, it’s just an expensive version of a hotdog stand shaped like a hotdog.

    For the kind of money this took I’d like to be bludgeoned repeatedly over the head with the concept a little less obviously, or at least with a bit more tickle and a little less slap.

  • jeanseb22

    It always amazes me that new churches are still built in 2012. Where I live, churches are slowly but surely turning into museum or apartment units.