Clopen by Torafu

Clopen by Torafu Architects

The latest project by Japanese studio Torafu Architects may look like a standard floating shelf, but it actually contains a slim secret drawer that can be opened with magnets.

Clopen by Torafu Architects

The Clopen shelf comprises ash veneer over an aluminium frame and drawer mechanism, creating a 23mm-deep hiding place.

Clopen by Torafu Architects

It's in production with Japanese firm Tanseisha.

Clopen by Torafu Architects

In the past Torafu Architects have designed a desk for hiding away in and a shelf that thinks it's a bowl.

Clopen by Torafu Architects

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Clopen by Torafu Architects

Photos are by Yosuke Owashi.

Clopen by Torafu Architects

Here's some more information from Torafu Architects:


This shelf panel is constructed from elaborate aluminum parts, and at 34mm thick, it looks as if it's made of natural wood. Attaching sliced veneer to a thin structure, we made space between two boards which can be opened using magnetic keys.

When pulled, a secret 23mm thick drawer appears, it is of minimal thickness to store your valuables such as stamps and passbooks.

The impression of the shelf completely changes when its hidden aluminum space is revealed from within the sliced veneer surface.

Principle use: Shelf
Manufacturer: TANSEISHA Co, Ltd.
Material: Aluminium/Board of Japanese Ash/Magnet
Size: W900 x D150 x H34
Design period: 2012.04-06
Production period:: 2012.06-07

  • tobs

    Is it possible to get this in the US? I tried to google the manufacturer plus the product name and nothing came up…


  • Hdt

    “store your valuables such as stamps…”

    If stamps are your valuables then you can’t afford this product!

    • Dom

      Antique stamps, maybe?

    • yhr

      In Asian culture, there is a stamp which acts as an ID. If you have that, you can do anything in bank, including getting a loan, withdrawing money and etc. Thus a stamp is a very valuable thing.

  • dellys

    Pretty similar idea in a more simple way.

    • sorry

      You didn’t get this project. The shelf you link doesn’t lock, if you take away functions, you get more simple, i.e. a toilet door is simpler than a safe door, but they don’t perform the same function.

      Also your link is obviously containing something inside (it’s super chubby) whereas this looks minimal and breezy. Not to mention that ugly machined “lake” in the project you mention, so all in all… nope.

      • dellys

        Have you read “this is the same project”? We just gave different points of view of a functional idea. Mine is maybe too chubby and ugly for you but I don’t care, I never mentionned that I want it to be used for hiding rings or ID or valuable things. Just maybe to hide all ugly things that we have in our entry like cents, post-its, pens, shopping tickets, and other stuff like that (in an uglier shelf of course!).

        And thanks for the anonymous answer.

  • rohtmuz

    And what happens if you leave the magnets in the drawer? Would it not have been better to have a discreet handle/lip underneath to pull that would only be know to the user?

    • matz

      M… what if you leave the home keys inside? Wouldn’t it be better not to? : )

      • rohtmuz

        Yes but if you did how would you get them out? You’d have to buy another magnet, when a concealed handle that no one would suspect was there would be better?

        If someone broke into your house they’d be in such a hurry they’d assume it was a shelf and not even look for a secret compartment inside.

        The magnets for me are not necessary.

  • Well I think it's nifty! The magnets are a bit of fun aren't they?

  • david

    It’s nice but very similar to this:

    And rohtmuz I think magnets are easily available enough to not worry about losing them.

  • SQF

    Condoms? Cigarettes, pack of matches?

  • Ellie

    Love this. I wish there were more slim floating shelves, certainly ones as ingenious as this. When is it going to be available for purchase? I also LOVE that keyring… any idea where I can get one?