Movie: Marc Newson on designing
nearly everything


Industrial designer Marc Newson has famously tried his hand at designing pretty much everything. In the second of five movies Dezeen filmed to coincide with the publication of a major book on his work by Taschen, Newson talks us though a range of his projects that takes in mobile phones, knives, beds, clothes, packaging and a surf board so slick it was sold as a sculpture.

Marc Newson surfboard

In particular he talks about the Talby Mobile Phone that was the best-selling phone in Japan when it launched in 2003 and a custom-made hollow nickel surf board (above) that he created for American surfer Garrett McNamara in 2007, which was exhibited at the Gagosian Gallery and sold at auction as a sculpture for over $200,000.

Marc Newson camera for Pentax

As he flicks through his new book entitled Marc Newson – Works, Newson shows how it presents his meticulous documentation of the process behind products, including his camera for Pentax (above).

Marc Newson - Works

Marc Newson – Works is published by Taschen and comes out in September.

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  • Great selection of designs. Not sure how I’d feel about riding a $200,000 surfboard in conditions like that, or any surfboard for that matter!

  • palominoX

    This isn’t an article about designing. It’s mostly just a list. “I designed this and this and also this and this, and that and that…” Some people brag about WHAT they have done, others pass the torch on HOW and WHY – design concepts, critiques, methods… This article ‘on’ his designs? Not particularly inspiring. In fact, kind of insightless and demoralizing.