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Industrial designer Marc Newson has famously tried his hand at designing pretty much everything. In the second of five movies Dezeen filmed to coincide with the publication of a major book on his work by Taschen, Newson talks us though a range of his projects that takes in mobile phones, knives, beds, clothes, packaging and a surf board so slick it was sold as a sculpture.

Marc Newson surfboard

In particular he talks about the Talby Mobile Phone that was the best-selling phone in Japan when it launched in 2003 and a custom-made hollow nickel surf board (above) that he created for American surfer Garrett McNamara in 2007, which was exhibited at the Gagosian Gallery and sold at auction as a sculpture for over $200,000.

Marc Newson camera for Pentax

As he flicks through his new book entitled Marc Newson – Works, Newson shows how it presents his meticulous documentation of the process behind products, including his camera for Pentax (above).

Marc Newson - Works

Marc Newson – Works is published by Taschen and comes out in September.

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  • Bali Surf Travel

    Great selection of designs. Not sure how I’d feel about riding a $200,000 surfboard in conditions like that, or any surfboard for that matter!