Prototype Triangle Numéro 1 wooden T-shirt
by Pauline Marcombe


French designer Pauline Marcombe has made a wooden T-shirt.

Called Prototype Triangle Numéro 1, it's made from laser-cut triangles of MDF assembled with wire.

Numbers generated by the computer software that's used to control the cutting are burnt into the pieces "to highlight the process of digital fabrication," she says.

"I like to explore the borders and crossing points of architecture, music and fashion," Marcombe continues. "Since my graduation project I've been obsessed with triangles and I'm now working on a second prototype based on body movement."

Marcombe trained as an architect in Toulouse and Paris, and she graduated from TU Delft in the Netherlands.

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  • seb

    In other times, we would call that sh*tty armour.

  • Oh yes. This will certainly remedy the scarcity of stiff and uncomfortable clothing in the market.

  • alex

    Where are her matching wooden shorts and shoes?

  • lucienne li

    That’s not crossing between fashion and architecture. That’s just a case of totally inappropriate use of material.

  • inkoaydible

    Poor model. Looks jolly uncomfortable.

  • Paul-louis

    Congrats Pauline! Ene fusion réussie entre volumétrie, design et vêtement! Vive la créativité venant d’ Aurillac ; )

  • seth

    This is just silly.

  • The concept of a wooden T-shirt is very attractive – it reminds me lot of how we can get to see concept cars in exhibitions so this could go well in a T-shirt-related exhibition but I’m damn sure nobody is gonna use it. This could be what we call custom T-shirts with a twist.

  • seb

    One little detail about the photos: what happens if she puts her arms against the body? I don’t think the “T-shirt” will manage to follow. Instead, you will have a dragon ball style amour kit. Let’s hope not.

    Now more seriously, this triangle thing has already be done in fashion with more comfortable materials. This is not a prototype but a step back. The architecture reference is silly. But it is eye-catching on the photos.

    • Maybe that's why she's showing the same arm position in every. Single. Photograph ;)

  • laura

    Beautiful work of art – product, model and photography!!!

  • ines

    And we always have to walk around with open arms?

    • huggy bear

      So you can hug people :-)

  • B_K

    Exact method already created by Keely Hunter Millinery:

  • Jordin Panzram

    Silly waste of a laser cutter's time. I'm pretty sure this affected some other guy or girl, who REALLY needed to use the laser cutter around the time this waste of balsa wood was being cut.

  • bernard

    This will come in handy on those days when I need to wear some wood.

  • Silvia

    50 shades of wood. :-)