Movie: Toblerone House by Studio MK27
through the eyes of a cat


Movie: Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan of Studio MK27 used cinematic techniques he picked up in his early career as a movie director to film one of his latest projects through the eyes of the client's pet cat.

Toblerone House by Studio MK27

Toblerone House is a two-storey residence in São Paulo comprising a glazed ground floor and a timber-clad upper floor, which are separated from one another by an overhanging concrete slab.

Toblerone House by Studio MK27

The movie shows the cat taking a walk along the protruding edges of this slab, as well as through each of the rooms and around the garden.

Toblerone House by Studio MK27

Explaining the decision to film the house in this way, Studio MK27 architect Suzana Glogowski told Dezeen how the team enjoyed making a series of movies for this year's Venice Architecture Biennale to show "the day by day life of one of our houses, where the architecture is not important" and decided to make another for this house.

Toblerone House by Studio MK27

Studio MK47 also recently unveiled a collection of furniture made by construction workers, as part of the London Design Festival - find out more here.

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Photography is by Nelson Kon.

  • Suzy

    About 4 minutes too long.

  • I can almost hear that cat say “Me gusta” :P

    Oh yeah! Cool project too.

  • sara

    Love it. How do you get away with no handrails on the upper level around the concrete “balcony” overhang?

  • Ivana

    The cat can´t say “me gusta” because it´s a cat and cats can´t speak. And even it could speak, it wouldn´t say “me gusta” because in Brazil people speak Portuguese not Spanish.

    But this house is piece of art!

  • Andrea

    Is the score original, or does anyone know the song in the movie?

    • Gus

      It’s original. The architect is also a jazz composer/musician :)

  • shane

    From the strangely high camera level during parts of the “cat’s eye perspective” it seems they secretly own an albino lion.

  • Incredible residence project. Modern, singular and very personal style and design. Very good outside and inside spaces, with very good use of materials, light and shadows. The idea of incorporate a video production with the “cat’s history” is brilliant and representative of a carefully and lovely work.

    EXCELLENT JOB. Congratulations from Barcelona.

  • jjj

    I thought it would be through the eyes of cat, not cat filming.

  • procatinator

    More pics of the cat please.

  • melinda

    Great film, we need only dispel our disbelief to enjoy it. Most films ask us to be open minded and do that… dispel our disbelief. Thanks, Willow.

  • Lovely house. Lovely cat.

  • Max

    The cat doesn't seem to be the sharpest claw in the paw. But what a beautiful house, film and especially film score!

  • Frances

    I don’t like all the glass around the house – do they get a lot of birds hitting into it?