Loop by Oscar Diaz
for Field


Loop by Oscar Diaz for Field

Product news: London-based designer Oscar Diaz launched this industrial looking stainless steel bottle opener at the Project No. 8 shop in New York this week.

Loop by Oscar Diaz for Field

Created for American brand Field, Loop has a symmetrical form that reduces the visibility of the mould line necessary for the casting process. "Because the mould line matches the edge of the object, you barely see it," he told Dezeen.

Loop by Oscar Diaz for Field

We've previously featured a combined bottle opener and spanner that fixes onto your bicycle and a corkscrew and bottle opener made from twisted strips of steel.

Loop by Oscar Diaz for Field

Other products by Diaz that we've featured include a toy that's assembled from its own packaging and a set of pens that record sound as a line on paper and then play it back.

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  • Jezza

    Dear lord… glad this is now on the market.

  • Omnicrom

    It’s nice, very nice… but it’s just a bottle opener. Who cares?

    • Andy

      I am sure you came to this blog looking for news on the next Malaria vaccine. Wrong bookmark!

    • Such good work for such a simple thing makes it even better.

  • hhw

    Jezza, Omnicrom, guys, you forget you are in a design website? This is what we like, even though they are just “things”. Lighten up : )

  • Simple and effective, and would make a great mass-market tool. If it isn’t ludicrously expensive?

  • JLPfaffly

    I'd much rather read about this than about Obama.

  • Carl

    Intentionally phallic?

  • It reminds me of a mouth harp. It doesn’t have the ribbon of steel that you pluck, but it has the same basic shape.