Lebbeus Woods


Lebbeus Woods

News: experimental architect and artist Lebbeus Woods has died at the age of 72.

Woods was long admired by students and academics for his fantastical drawings imagining deconstructed buildings and dystopian landscapes that relate as closely to science fiction as to architecture, including one series that shows a "defensive wall" designed to protect Bosnia from invaders by absorbing them like a sponge (pictured).

Labyrinthine Wall for Bosnia by Lebbeus Woods

Woods trained as an architect at the University of Illinois and worked under Eero Saarinen, before leaving practice to focus on theory and experimentation. He also co-founded the Research Institute for Experimental Architecture, where he developed a number of conceptual projects aimed at finding architectural answers to contemporary world problems.

  • Sad to see Lebbeus go at the age of just 72. Still his deed was both very imaginative and encouraging. R.I.P, Lebbeus. Long Live Unbuild.

  • Theo

    RIP. You were an inspiration.

  • omnicrom

    A great loss to the creative world. I will miss his wonderfully original and engaging dystopian architectural visions. RIP.

  • three minus 1

    One of the greatest visualizers of dystopian architecture, but in his most famous work showed a huge ignorance of the political aspects and social complexities of the war in Bosnia and the city of Sarajevo.

    • Drifter J

      Being a BH citizen I can surely say that his understanding of Bosnian situation is much better than yours, at least judging from your comment. Or perhaps his understanding of the Bosnian situation is on a level which is too far for your level.

      • three minus 1

        Dear Drifter,

        I was born and raised in Sarajevo, in a Christian family, and because of the war we had to leave our house and move to another country (see Serbia) just in one night. So I’m really well informed about all the perspectives of the war and the political-social consequences of it. And as I really admire Lebbeus Woods’ work, I have studied and made my thesis in this work. Being critical isn’t always negative but can be fertile too. My comment had to do with the twisted information the Americans have about the war in Bosnia, and is more that obvious in Woods’ work.

        Be well.

  • LOW

    ): A great loss for the architectural world…

  • hugo

    I will always remember when he thought I stole his margarita. Only way to calm him down was ordering another one! Rest in peace, Mr Woods. It was great meeting you.