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Product news: Bangkok-based design firm THINKK Studio has launched a collection that includes hanging lamps made from concrete and wood, concrete vases with wire frames and a little truck to hold your pens and paper clips.

Workaholic by THINKK Studio

The Workaholic collection by Thai designers THINKK Studio includes the CementWood hanging lamps made from hand-lathed ash and concrete.

Workaholic by THINKK Studio

The Truck desk tidy is made from ash wood and powder coated steel and has a container that slides out to reveal two compartments inside.

Workaholic by THINKK Studio

The Foldo desk lamp comprises an ash base and a thin sheet of powder coated steel which curves over to form a lampshade.

Workaholic by THINKK Studio

The Truss concrete vase can be paired with one of three different wire frames in geometric shapes.

Workaholic by THINKK Studio

The vases in the Workaholic collection are similar to an earlier series of concrete and wire vases by THINKK Studio designer Decha Archjananun.

Workaholic by THINKK Studio

We've published two other lamps by THINKK Studio - a wooden lamp that slots into a marble base and another wooden lamp held together by a red cord.

Workaholic by THINKK Studio

Other desk accessories we've featured include a silicone pen pot with a dish for paper clips and sharpeners and a solid concrete tape dispenser, pen pot and tray.

Workaholic by THINKK Studio

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Here's some more information from THINKK Studio:

Workaholic is a set of small items for working space or studying area including Truck, CementWood lamp, Foldo lamp and Truss Vases.


Truck is a little desk organizer which allow us to have fun and enjoy our childhood memories in order to recharge and refresh our imaginations as we were young again.
Materials: Ash wood , Powder coated steel
Dimension: 110 x 200 x H190

Workaholic by THINKK Studio

CementWood lamp

On this project, We provide more choices of materials for 2 main parts of the hanging lamp which made of concrete and wood. There are 2 different hand crafted techniques for making the same shape made of both materials. Wooden pieces are made by hand lathing while the concrete pieces are formed by rotational shaping process.
Materials: Ash wood , FRC Concrete
Dimension: 130 x 130 x H180

Workaholic by THINKK Studio

Foldo lamp

Foldo is a simple desk lamp, combined with wooden base and a single piece of folded steel which act as a lampshade.
Materials: Ash wood , Powder coated steel
Dimension: 250 x 150 x H290

Workaholic by THINKK Studio

Truss Vases

Truss Vases are inspired by metal structures which normally found in construction site. 3 shapes of wired steel can be insert on the top of concrete base for different flowers arrangement.
Materials: Concrete , Powder coated steel
Dimension: A.135 x 200 x H240 / B.135 x 200 x H350 / C.135 x 260 x H350

  • paraphernal

    Contemporary materials/vocabulary, re-interpreting the 1960s Joe Colombo vibe? I love the lamps, particularly; hope they’ll see the daylight on US market soon!

  • Zumara

    I want them all!

  • stoat

    They’re wonderful. Good job!

  • Leo

    Really nice work, even though the table lamp reminds me a lot of Folha Lamp by Adriano Brothers and L.A. by Manolo Bossi(links below). Anyway, nice work!