Sneaker Speaker by
Ray Kingston Inc.


New York studio Ray Kingston Inc. has developed a wireless speaker that you wear over your sneakers.

Sneaker Speaker by Ray Kingston Inc.

The battery-powered Sneaker Speaker is held in place with either one or two straps, which can be moved into different positions around the wearer's ankle.

Sneaker Speaker by Ray Kingston Inc.

The speaker can be paired with other electronic devices such as mobile phones and iPads using bluetooth, but it also comes with an AC input so that it can be connected using a stereo jack when not being worn.

Sneaker Speaker by Ray Kingston Inc.

Sneaker Speaker is the first product from the recently launched studio, which is headed up by concept designer Ray Kingston.

Sneaker Speaker by Ray Kingston Inc.

"These futuristic alternative urban devices increase your ghetto vibe, by wearing them onto your shoes," said Kingston. "[They are] a must-have for urban artists and everyone else who believes in the inspirational power of music."

Other audio devices we've featured include a tactile speaker with a fabric control panel and the new Big Jambox designed by Yves Behar for Jawbone.

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Here's a project description from Ray Kingston Inc:

Sneaker Speaker – by Ray Kingston Inc.

The Sneaker Speaker is the first creation within a new trend in which various forms of street-art are combined, both visually as well as musically. This fashionable and unique design speaker is originally developed for providing inspiration during creative processes. Never before were we able to bring our favourite music with us in such a way, that it reflects our identity whilst sharing it with others.

Ray Kingston Inc. is a small New York based design studio, that concentrates on the interplay between fashion (accessories), urban art and music. Our objective is to always keep searching for products that enable its users to show themselves to the world.

Ray Kingston is the founder of the eponymous company, in which he’s also active as concept designer. After spending fourteen years as product designer at Sony's, he recently decided to start his own enterprise. This enabled him to create what he’d been dreaming of for a long time. With his first project he wants to return to his urban roots. Ever since he has been focusing on meeting the needs of everyone who aims to use street-art as a way of expressing emotions, experiences and life struggles.

  • philipp

    Oh please god no. I will never be able to catch a train, bus or tube again if these catch on.

  • Hayden

    OMG! Yes.

  • Lewis

    Is there no common sense in design whatsoever? Just pretty pictures? It’ll be smashed/soaked/filled with dust within half an hour. The concept does not work.

    • Hayden

      Depends on your environment. Be fine in Japan.

      • Jennifer

        I agree. Besides, how do you know the product won’t work if it’s still a concept?

        • Lewis

          “I agree. Besides, how do you know the product won’t work if it’s still a concept?”

          Seriously? I’m not a great designer. But to even get along in the world as a mediocre designer you need to be able to qualify an idea. You’ll have hundreds of ideas when you start a design, and if you take that ridiculous attitude then you’ll just go a long, long way in the wrong direction.

          There is a PCB (printed circuit board) and soldering and little parts of various descriptions involved in the design of a wireless speaker (and to a lesser extent, a wired one). Is it a good idea banging this every time you move?

          Speakers don’t like water. Is it a good idea placing them as close to puddles on the body as possible?

          How many times do you scuff your shoe or bang your foot in the day? Get the idea?

  • alex

    Be an asshole and impose your stupid music on everyone! What could go wrong?

  • yo yo yo yo yo ?

    More noisy douchebaggery. Great.

  • Wilco

    More sound pollution into the world. Happy days. Not.

  • paulv

    Is this from The Onion?

  • DigitHAL9000

    What’s this useful for?

  • seth

    Oh I agree, as if people singing on the bus/train with and without headphones isn’t enough. I can’t imagine catching the 22 Filmore bus in San Francisco with this product out and about.

  • Jessica

    NO, NO, NO. I am already dealing with rude people who listen to their music without headphones, now you want to give it a louder, more clear sound, with additional base? NO, NO, NO! Don’t make this product.

  • Lennard

    Brilliant idea! Nice design too.

  • Whatwhy

    Place headphones on the part of your body furthest from your ears, genius… urgh. This kind of post makes me sad.

  • sam

    “These futuristic alternative urban devices increase your ghetto vibe, by wearing them onto your shoes.”

    Increase your ghetto vibe? If you went anywhere near the ghetto with these on you would be robbed, then beaten for buying such a stupid waste of money. Was this developed because the name rhymes? I cant think of another reason!

  • Jennifer

    Maybe this doesn't work, but I just love the concept and the design!

  • E. B.

    Yeah! Great work! Finally a great solution for wireless music within a cool sneaker!

  • gus

    Oh nice! What a great idea! :D

    Oh wait, hang one. No, its a f***ing stupid idea.

  • dr. pepper

    This is the s**t! Instead of listening to music through my mobile speakers, which suck big time, I can listen to my music through these. Where can I buy them? And for all the haters who are bitching about loud music in the subway and stuff. I don’t care if you put your music on so why you do care about mine? I bet it’s because it’s black music. Cool design.

    • LRoy1

      No, you’re not getting it. I’m pleased for you enjoying whatever you like, what’s boring is the total lack of respect to all around you who haven’t chosen to listen to your music when you impose it on them anyway. One of these days when you’ve grown up a bit, two little runts will jump on your carriage with their teeny-bopper tunes, and it’ll drive you mad, and I’ll be chuckling! Don’t offend all of us who enjoy ‘black’ music! Which varies far and wide. Something tells me I wouldn’t dig your vibe.

    • Rae Claire

      All about you, I guess. I hope you’re joking.

  • Flavor Flav called and wants the first set.

  • einprodesign

    Really nice design! And despite the possible unwanted noise, it could work in some environments :)

  • Young Designer

    I no longer care if Dezeen features my work, whereas this was a huge goal for me before they started posting bullshit like this.

  • Yea Nah

    Horrible looking and probably horrible sounding. Although they will compliment a pair of douchebag skate shoes.

    • Yeah

      How do you know they sound bad?

  • Tim

    Reminds me of those toddler shoes that have squeakers in them. Or the shoes for slightly older kids with flashing lights.

  • king dingaling

    This is a stupid f***ing idea. And for those that think it’s a good idea – no, it’s not a good idea. It’s a stupid f***ing idea.

    • That_guy

      At least give us an example… idiot.

  • Mike

    OK, it’s a bad idea but all this anger is so unwarranted. It would be hilarious if people took this seriously though and had “ghetto vibe” fights by seeing who can blast their music the loudest… from their ankles?

  • Annie

    Aren’t the feet the furthest parts of your body from your ear most of the time?

  • Sisi

    Haters gonna hate.

    • DigitHAL9000

      There’ s a huge difference between hate and common sense of use. There aren’ t so many critics in other posts, so this has to be really a dumb idea. This place is widely thought of as a reference for design and everybody can be disappointed seeing a post with this kind of idea published. And it appears to be a studio, not even a student.
      It’s astonishing.

      • tophat

        It’s a concept. No it may not be the best idea, but hey, if people want to spend their money on them, why is it any of your business? Hell, I think they look awesome. Could be more thought into protection, but so what? Like I said, it’s a concept. Plenty of room for tweaking.

  • dylan

    Not really, I’m a contorsionist so it would be quite good for me!

  • chunkbutler

    Cool! Next I need a pair of trainers to wear on my ears.

  • pnm

    Who or what has Ray Kingston incorporated?

  • Jake

    Please Dezeen, tell me the only reason you posted this was to get some action on your site.

  • Trevor

    Those who keep their ear to the ground often get dirt in their eye.

  • CGomes

    Goodness. How appropriate that I just spent 6 hours in a hospital waiting room where a guy was playing music on his phone for everyone to hear and called the receptionist rude when he asked him to turn the music off, and now this article. Just shows how everything is connected. Doesn’t show much for common sense.

  • Can you combine these with an electronic ASBO tag!?

  • Yeah

    Although you guys think it’s a stupid idea, this is all over the internet.

    Chinese blogs
    French blogs

    And The Times (UK) wanted to do a article about it.

  • Logan

    I had to make up a product for a marketing project in my business class a few weeks ago and this is exactly what I came up with. Creepy.

  • john

    Maybe these things as main speakers wouldn’t be so good, but I could definitely see these things being used in conjunction with other wireless speakers, or maybe even wired ones, in ways that would blow the mind of the average consumer.

    Hey – I want to go with a cyber-punk look. Let me strap speakers to my ankles, and along with them my backpack, hoodie, ballcap and many other things such conventionalists would never think to put them in. Meantime, I will be at the club, connecting all of my speakers to the DJ’s sound board and having the music follow me.

    Just don’t forget to bring the altered-reality sunglasses.

  • Oddbrother

    I’ll admit it’s fashionable, but the negative effect it can bring on society makes it dangerous to wear.

  • Mic.

    Look, you don’t get the idea. This is not for the common adult, this is for a small market which is the teenager – more than likely a guy.

    Now, yeah, the water thing can be fixed with a water-resistant casing. They have them on Campers.

    The scuffing thing, it might take a bit getting used to but I have not hit my feet together so hard as to break a speaker.

    This is just for a show-off at a high school or middle school.

  • george

    This is a terrible idea. You try to place speakers as high up as possible to improve acoustics.

  • That_guy

    I think they look pretty rad

  • Edward Lentz

    How do I order them? I can’t find it on this page.

  • Orion Bixler

    I’d wear this if I were walking down a trail, through a park, through a neighbourhood by myself and/or at a skate park, but I don’t skate – and when I go swimming in the river for summer. Thing is “how durable is this” it looks like if you hit it a couple of times some fragile piece will come loose in its inside and it will stop working.

  • Larry Queen

    Maybe thirty years ago and not for long. It is not a product that would appeal to a mature individual.

  • njdevils30

    These are dope as hell. I would rock these kicks!