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Sony's HT-AX7 speaker system "allows you to experience truly cinematic sound, anywhere"

Electronics company Sony introduces its HT-AX7 portable home theatre speaker system in this exclusive video produced for the brand by Dezeen.

HT-AX7 is a Bluetooth speaker system that can be configured to easily create surround sound wherever the user wants.

The battery-powered and wire-free system comprises a base unit, which functions as a soundbar, and two smaller portable speakers that can be positioned around the listener to immerse them in sound.

When the product's sound field mode is switched on, Sony's 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology responds to the positioning of the speakers to create the effect of numerous 'phantom' speakers surrounding the user. The function even transforms stereo audio to feel more immersive.

Sony HT-AX7 portable home theatre speaker system
Sony's HT-AX7 home theatre speaker system offers portable surround sound

"Today, people are demanding more versatility from technology than ever before, and we are consuming content on portable devices in more diverse environments," said Sony product specialist Janhvi Sehgal.

"Sony's new speaker system is a response to this – it allows you to experience truly cinematic sound, anywhere."

Mazumi Osawa, part of Sony's design team, explained how the speaker's minimal geometric form was designed to blend seamlessly with the home of any user.

"The design challenge was to create immersive sound within a portable and powerful speaker that can elevate any interior space," he said.

Sony HT-AX7 portable home theatre speaker system
The Sony HT-AX7 features two disk-shaped satellite speakers which can be arranged around the user

The disk-shaped satellite speakers connect magnetically to the base to charge when not in use. All elements are wrapped in a grey fabric, while the base unit features a soft grey silicone upper.

According to Osawa, sustainability was a key consideration when designing the system.

"Conscious of the ecological impact, we've incorporated a specially-developed recycled plastic, and a fabric that is made from PET bottles."

"We've done this without compromising on the understated aesthetic and elevated viewing experience."

Sony HT-AX7 portable home theatre speaker system
The speakers are wrapped in a grey fabric made of recycled PET bottles

The HT-AX7's packaging was made of Sony's Original Blended Material, which is derived from bamboo, sugarcane, and recycled paper.

The speaker system was primarily designed for consuming video content on devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, but also allows users to spread the speakers throughout a space to listen to music and other audio content.

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