Steve Jobs yacht seized over unpaid
Philippe Starck design bill


Steve Jobs yacht impounded

News: a yacht built for Apple's late co-founder Steve Jobs has been impounded in Amsterdam following a dispute over an unpaid bill to French designer Philippe Starck. Update 27/12/12: the boat is now free to sail again following a temporary agreement between Starck and Jobs' heirs.

A lawyer for Starck's company, Ubik, said the designer was still owed €3m for his work on the vessel, which was completed after Jobs' death last year.

Jobs and Starck had reportedly agreed on a payment of €9m for the design work – or 6% of the estimated €150m building costs. However, Jobs' estate say the designer should receive 6% of the actual total cost, which came in at €105m.

The yacht will remain in the Port of Amsterdam until Jobs' estate hands over the money, the lawyer told Reuters.

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This year we've featured Starck's stacking chair for Emeco made of discarded material and his design for an aerosol spray that lets users enjoy alcohol without the hangover.

  • In my humble opinion, the design wasn’t worth paying for in the first place.

  • Chris

    Starck should just be happy he hasn’t been sent to jail for producing this abomination of an assault on my eyes.

  • At least Starck and Jobs agreed on one thing: that design should only be accessible for those who are loaded. What a huge fail.

  • Steve

    Can Starck bat 300? Years ago he did a boat interior for Beneteau that was only okay. Compare this to John Pawson/Luca Brenta elegance. I say a bullsh*t boat design by Starck.

  • Hans

    Steve Jobs won’t be needing it any longer.

  • Peter

    Steve Jobs + Jonathan Ive = Apple products
    Steve Jobs + Philippe Starck = this yatch

    You do the logic.

  • Rafel

    Steve Jobs here failed to find the right person for the design.

  • p_onder

    No matter – an agreement is an agreement and it should stand. Who knows how much input of the design was actually Jobs’ anyway.

  • iMpound?

  • Andy

    What a terrible-looking yacht. You can’t be serious. It’s just one of the worst designs I’ve ever seen and I’ve been around mega-yachts for 20 years.

  • That is one unique design for a yacht.

  • Fran's

    Dis iz all bullsheet, mon amie!

  • It is a horrible design. Starck is not a designer, he just extends his ego into materials.

  • Fred

    Jobs must have continued in the computer design field and avoided fashion or yachts. What a waste of money!