Tea stool by
Ryan Harc


Product news: design studio Ryan Harc has created a series of modular stools that fit together to create different pieces of furniture.

Tea stool by Ryan Harc

The Tea stools feature an overhang on either side, which the user can place objects on, hang objects from or simply grip onto. "We thought typical stools provided limited space," says one of the designers, Ryan Yoon. "We came up with a simple idea: adding more space on both sides so that we can put or hang some objects on the additional spaces."

Tea stool by Ryan Harc

The resulting 'T' shape means the units fit together in different formations to create diverse shapes. "It allows you some creativity," he says, adding that as many modules as desired can be combined to create a bench, a table or a desk. The pieces are made out of pine wood with curved edges for comfort and grip.

Tea stool by Ryan Harc

The limited-edition stools are available to buy directly from the designers.

RYAN HARC was founded in 2009 by Ryan Yoon and Harc Lee and is now based in London.

Tea stool by Ryan Harc

Other stools we've featured on Dezeen include A-shaped stools which slot together to make a bench and a stool with legs inspired by skateboards.

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  • Surely this is a T-shaped stool, rather than a “Tea Stool”?

  • grammy

    Lovely! Great idea.