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AA Stools by Torafu Architects

Product news: these A-shaped stools by Japanese studio Torafu Architects slot together to make a bench.

AA Stool by Torafu Architects

Torafu Architects used basic 2x4 planks of red cedar to make the AA Stools, cutting them at an angle to form trestle-like structures.

AA Stool by Torafu Architects

Each narrow stool can be paired with another to make a wider seat, or joined in sequence to make a bench of any length.

AA Stool by Torafu Architects

The stools also pack flat for storage and transportation.

AA Stool by Torafu Architects

They were made in collaboration with Ishinomaki Laboratory, a community centre established by designers in the wake of the 2011 tsunami.

AA Stool by Torafu Architects

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Photographs are by Fuminari Yoshitsugu.

Here's some more information from Torafu:

AA Stool

Following "skydeck", this product is the second item made in collaboration with Ishinomaki Laboratory, which is ‘a place of creating something new’ for the community, established by designers and others in Ishinomaki City of Miyagi Prefecture.

AA Stool is a simple stool made of 2×4 wood modules where the legs are cut at a slightly diagonal angle at both ends. Combining these leg pieces together allows the stool to stand, and at the same time provides support for the seat of the stool.

 A set is composed of two stools, which can be integrated together into one unit. It can be separated into individual stools as required for visitors' use or for within small spaces.

Stacking and lining up the stools lets the seat gradually become wider, yet it remains as compact as it can possibly be.

 At a height of 560mm, the seat is a little higher than usual chairs, which allows for a comfortable upright sitting position. It is also convenient for those who work sitting on a stool. 

From the side, the stool looks like the letter ‘A’. Whether you are stacking or separating the stools, you can find a new use each time as your imagination lets you.

Principle use: PRODUCT
Manufacturer: Ishinomaki laboratory
Material: Canadian red cedar
Size: W280xD410 (320 for each separated stool) x H560
Design period: 2012.09-10
Production period: 2012.09-10