Yatsugatake Villa
by MDS


Japanese studio MDS has completed a countryside retreat with south-facing rooms in the foothills of the Yatsugatake mountains (+ slideshow).


Named Yatsugatake Villa, the house has a fan-shaped plan that gives large windows and openings to the walls of the living room, dining room and first-floor bedroom.


"The fan-shaped design - opening to the south - means plenty of sun streams in during the cold winters: no matter the time of day there's always a place to bask in the sun," said architects Kiyotoshi Mori and Natsuko Kawamura.

Yatsugatake Villa by MDS

Two narrow terraces line the edge of this southern facade and are partially sheltered beneath the overhanging lip of the roof.

Yatsugatake Villa by MDS

Smaller windows are positioned across the north elevation so that residents can benefit from cross-ventilation.

Yatsugatake Villa by MDS

Inside the house, wooden ceiling beams are left exposed, while doorways with softly curved edges lead between rooms.


A wooden staircase extends up through the centre of the house to connect rooms on the ground floor with a combined bedroom and study room on the first floor.

Yatsugatake Villa by MDS

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Yatsugatake Villa by MDS

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Yatsugatake Villa by MDS

Photography is by Toshiyuki Yano.

Yatsugatake Villa by MDS

Above: ground floor plan

Yatsugatake Villa by MDS

Above: first floor plan

Yatsugatake Villa by MDS

Above: section a-a

Yatsugatake Villa by MDS

Above: section b-b

  • The interior in this house looks wonderful, love the curved reveal of the doors. Wish I could visit.

  • drach

    Just beautiful. I would live there!

  • Birgitte JH

    I would love to see even more photos from this project!

  • Manuel

    Beautiful, but: bathroom direct to the living room.

  • Eric

    What kind of wood is used here?