Autumn/Winter chair
by Aga Brzostek


Polish fashion and interior designer Aga Brzostek has created a chair with an integrated blanket for wrapping up warm in winter.

Autumn/winter seat by Aga Brzostek

Aga Brzostek drew from her experience in the fashion industry when creating the chair, shaping the cover like a large jumper and naming it after the Autumn/Winter fashion season.

Autumn/winter seat by Aga Brzostek

"The foundation of it is the cool northern surroundings of where I live," says Brzostek. "Sweater-like elements of the chair can be used as a headrest to create a cozy environment for an evening reading as well as a soft cover for chilly winter nights. "

Autumn/winter seat by Aga Brzostek

The Krakow-based designer used hard foam for the structure of the chair, covering the seat and backrest in softer foam for comfort and using reclaimed wool for the cover.

Autumn/winter seat by Aga Brzostek

The cover is removable and adjustable, allowing the user to alter the look of the chair to suit their individual preferences, and also features a pocket for magazines or books. Photography is by Marek Kowalski.

Autumn/winter seat by Aga Brzostek

German designer Hanna Emelie Ernsting developed a similar idea in 2011. Her Moody Couch is a sofa with an oversized, duvet-like cover that you can wrap around you. Ernsting later developed an armchair version of the idea, called Moody nest. See our video interview with Ernsting about Moody Couch.

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  • Tim Kay

    Good I guess, but the idea has been done before…

  • arkkivahti

    Ok, nice. But as a person who has had dogs, who sometimes eats crackers while reading or drinks hot chocolate, or has visiting little children, and so forth, an easier combination is, still, a sofa or an easy chair and a blanket, which you can shake on a balcony, or wash, or take to the dry cleaner´s.

  • daniel

    I’m afraid it’s exactly the same concept as Moody Couch by Hanna Emelie Ernsting:

    • Tri

      Shame the “original” looks like a pile of laundry.

  • bonsaiman

    If this “it has been done before” point of view made any sense, designers would better find other occupations. It is, of course, not a good starting point for criticism. Try the functional aspects.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Try reading the first sentence, where she is credited with creating the chair, when in fact she has copied others.

      • bonsaiman

        Copying? Creating? Weird concepts in the design world.

  • Vicki

    How about the non functional aspects? a) a breeding ground for dirt and mess which cannot from first impressions be detached as mentioned. b) what use does a bi annual chair have in a modern environment anyway? c) she doesn’t look that comfortable with her legs folded beneath her. d) it’s an ugly lump of upholstery. This design isn’t considered enough for me. It leaves more problems than it does a functional solution.

  • oskar matzerath
  • Gdane

    It’s a funny/cool concept – whether it was done before or not.

    @the functional crits – if you don’t sit naked in the chair eating Cheetos then you don’t have to wash it constantly.

  • Snuggles

    What a great concept. Already over 10 million sold!|sm|go|tm&am…

  • Romain

    Fitting a blokish chair with a coarsely knit rag amounts to creating a huge, unmanageable perma-snuggie.

    I understand the whole loose-fitting fabric thing: very bohemian, very Montmartre or Zadig & Voltaire. Makes your apartment look like the embassy for French cinema.

    Funny how the designer acknowledges the transient nature of fashion (each idea lasting but a few seasons) without considering the relatively permanent side of furniture. Or am I missing something? Should I refurnish my home according to the seasons?

    I wish the designer made it clearer whether or not she wanted to treat upholstery like clothing, making it cheaper and more disposable, thus making your interior “customizable” on a whim.

    PS: I agree with all the comments about upkeep. All in all, this is any housekeeper’s nightmare.

  • janelle

    Where do we purchase the chair blanket/cover please? In Newcastle NSW Australia. Thanks.

  • Lusi

    Hanna Ersting’s Moody Nest seems way better than this, because it’s large and you can move around and sit in it however you want. I do like the texture of this one though.