F-A-B chairs by
Färg & Blanche


Stockholm 2013: Swedish-French design duo Färg & Blanche will present a chair that can be dressed up in an assortment of garments at Stockholm Design Week, which gets underway today (+ slideshow).

F-A-B chairs by Farg and Blanche

The F-A-B collection by Färg and Blanche pairs a factory-produced chair with "garments" that can be placed over its back, each handmade in the designers' studio in Stockholm.

F-A-B chairs by Farg and Blanche

The garments include small, straight back panels and wider, cushioned backs that come in a variety of fabrics and quilted patterns.

F-A-B chairs by Farg and Blanche

The chairs will be presented at the designers' studio today and then at the NK Stockholm department store from tomorrow until Stockholm Design Week ends on Sunday.

F-A-B chairs by Farg and Blanche

French designer Emma Marga Blanche and Dutch designer Fredrik Färg opened their studio in 2010. They curated the 20 Designers at Biologiska exhibition at Stockholm Design Week in 2011.

F-A-B chairs by Farg and Blanche

Färg's previous projects include a range of found chairs given new felt coverings and a collection of animal-shaped stools, and we also previously featured a set of pleated lamps by Blanche.

F-A-B chairs by Farg and Blanche

Other products launching in Stockholm this week include a tiered spun metal lamp by local studio Form Us With Love a set of blown glass trees by Oslo designers StokkeAustad and Andreas Engesvik – see all products from Stockholm Design Week.

F-A-B chairs by Farg and Blanche

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Here's some more information from the designers:

F-A-B collection
New Dresses – Couture and Prêt-à-Porter for chairs

The F-A-B chair series is based on the idea of the chair acting as a body. The chair can be used nude and bare, but also reveal a whole new personality when dressed in something a little bit more extravagant, thus functioning as a load-bearing structure for textile creations.

F-A-B chairs by Farg and Blanche

Designed by Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche, the F-A-B collection combine industrial production with exclusive handcraft. The chairs are manufactured by the oldest shaker chair factories still in activity in Sweden, while the couture dresses are hand made in the atelier of the design duo in Stockholm.

F-A-B chairs by Farg and Blanche

Inspired by the fashion industries, the project aims to bring something more experimental and flexible to the furniture design world. You can choose from a selection of different garments for your chair. A simple elegant leather back or one patterned in magnificent sparkling fabric.

F-A-B chairs by Farg and Blanche

This first collection will be available at NK in Stockholm, from the www.store-fargblanche.com webshop from 5 February and on enquiry. Chair dresses can be tailor made.

  • Bepster

    French-Dutch? I am pretty sure they are Swedish.

  • Romain

    Nice to see fashion and design blending almost seamlessly. When Aga Brzostek released visuals of her misguided Autumn/Winter chair, one was left wondering whether designers could indeed “dress” furniture in the same way you choose your garments before heading out every morning.

    I’ve always had higher regard for truly industrial design (form and function and all that overplayed jazz) but this, however “auteur” and poetic, just seems “fitting”! It speaks volumes of our need for identity as well as our fleeting mood :) Beautiful and thoughtful!

    I just hope all these “furniture suits” are easy to store. I guess the patterns are designed so the sleeves can be “structural” when deployed but also easy to fold when unneeded.

  • Good afternoon,

    I couldn’t help but notice these beautiful looking designs by Färg & Blanche, which are similar to an idea I thought up several years ago that had a Valentines Day theme. I haven’t produced the designs (yet) as other commitments arose.

    This may come across weird to some readers, but I admire the way the furniture looks as if it is creating its own sort of fashion – as if the chairs are wearing their own clothes. It certainly makes a statement as far as product design is concerned. It’s lovely to see work like this.