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Lighting collection by Zero

Product news: lights that hang from criss-crossing wires and a lamp shaped like a grain silo are among the new designs from Swedish lighting brand Zero.

Lighting collection by Zero

The latest lighting products from Zero include the Silo hanging lamp (above) by Stockholm's Note Design Studio, which was inspired by the tapered shape of a grain silo and comes in white, black, yellow and green.

Lighting collection by Zero

Also included is Daikanyama (above) by Stockholm designer Thomas Bernstrand, an aluminium pendant lamp that is strung up along wires that zig-zag across the ceiling.

Lighting collection by Zero

Hatt (above) by Swedish designer Thomas Sandell is a pendant lamp with a wide shade made from white stretch fabric.

Lighting collection by Zero

Thirty (above) by London-based designer Samuel Wilkinson is a rotating LED fixture for ceilings and walls that turns 170 degrees and comes in black, white and yellow.

Lighting collection by Zero

A shell of sheet metal encloses a thin LED strip to create the Clark light (above) by German studio Böttcher+Henssler, which shines onto the wall to be softly diffused into the room.

Lighting collection by Zero

Finally, Cap (above) by Joel Karlsson of Swedish architects Krook & Tjäder Design is a simple circular fixture with a black steel rim and an opaque acrylic shade.

The new collection will be shown by Zero at Stockholm Design Week, which runs from 4 to 10 February.

We've featured lots of other lighting from Zero, including hanging lamps inspired by a circus trapeze and a lamp suspended in a knitted fishing net.

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Here's some more information from Zero:

The sun is shining on Zero – its golden yellow catches the eye on many of our new additions for 2013. This includes a distinct sharpness in form and design, as well as fixtures that both stand out or blend in, depending on the chosen colour. Some are architectural in expression; others are highly graphical. Everything from stylised minimalism to voluminous fabric hats with noise-reducing effects. Inspired from lands far away, including Sweden's wilderness, we warmly welcome them all to our range.

Hatt – Thomas Sandell

The Hat fixture originated from a desire to use light to create spatiality in a hotel foyer. HATT provides lounge suites with a roof-like structure, thus creating a more intimate atmosphere. Additionally, it is acoustically favourable due to the white stretch fabric that also gives the pendant its characteristic shape. HATT works extremely well in low-ceiling rooms, being just over 30 centimetres high. Details are painted white or yellow. D 800 mm.

Daikanyama – Thomas Bernstrand

The Tokyo district of the same name inspired Daikanyama; the pendant and cables create spatiality on a pleasant scale for both large and small areas. In zigzag, stricter or even slightly chaotic configurations between walls, ceilings and poles, with the electric cable running along the wire from one to the next. There are endless possibilities for this playful pendant with painted aluminium in standard colours: white, black, red, yellow and orange. D420 mm H 300 mm.

Silo – Note Design Studio

A small, iconic fixture inspired by the classical silhouette of a grain silo. This shape was refined during the design phase to finally become Silo – a minimalistic pendant with a distinct indu- strial character. Silo, with its colour range of white, black, yellow and green, can both step forward in a room and become a dynamic element or step back and blend into its surroun- dings. D 150 mm H 235 mm.

Thirty – Samuel Wilkinson

How can an LED fixture look great from all angles in corridors, public areas and stairwells? Answer: Thirty – a rotating LED light for ceilings and walls, which can be turned 170 degrees to meet the user’s wishes. The angled diffuser of microprisma provides softly filtered light that together with the rounded asymmetrical shape form a harmonic whole. In black, white and yellow, Thirty works very well in both formal and more playful configurations. D 245 mm H 170 mm.

Clark – Böttcher+Henssler

The Berlin-based duo experimented with creating an elongated shell of two bent sheet metal layers for a thin LED strip – and so Clark was born. Light is reflected by a smooth, white surface and shines on the wall to fade softly toward the ceiling and floor. Its pleasant light dispersion and elegance, without blinding its environment, makes it suitable for both public and private spaces. Clark is available in standard colours: black, white and yellow. B 350 mm H 160 mm D 100 mm.

Cap – Joel Karlsson, Krook & Tjäder Design

With its graphically clear shape, opaque acrylic shade and black-painted steel, Cap could be regarded as an easy-to-use tool. Keywords during the design phase: function, production and maintenance. The result is a practicable element for large and small civic-building projects, for outdoor and indoor use, on walls and ceilings, frontages, underpasses and stairwells. D 350 mm H 80 mm.