Hood by Form Us With Love
for Ateljé Lyktan


Product news: these large, modular, compressed-felt lamp shades by Stockholm studio Form Us With Love are designed to create a cosy environment around a table (+ slideshow).

Hood by Form Us With Love for Atelje Lyktan

Seams folded outward around the edge of each panel are connected with small pegs to form the Hood modular lamp shades, which Form Us With Love designed for Swedish lighting company Ateljé Lyktan.

Hood by Form Us With Love for Atelje Lyktan

Three different sections are used to create the shades: four corner panels are attached to create a dome, then the shape can be extended by adding curved side or flat top sections.

Hood by Form Us With Love for Atelje Lyktan

These formations create vautled coverings that are circular, oblong or chamfered-square shapes in plan.

Hood by Form Us With Love for Atelje Lyktan

The light sources covered in acrylic domes hang from thin wires connected to the ceiling wherever four sections meet.

Hood by Form Us With Love for Atelje Lyktan

Hood was launched at the Form Us With Love market at Stockholm Design Week last month, during which the studio also presented spun metal lamps for One Nordic.

Hood by Form Us With Love for Atelje Lyktan

They've also designed a menswear store where accessories are displayed like tools and vases comprised of quartz compound slabs.

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Here is some more text from the designers:

Hood is a sheltering lamp that creates both room and light. Designed by Form Us With Love as a voluminous illumination shield as well as a modular LED pendant light, the pendant is addressing a modern atmosphere issue.

Hood by Form Us With Love for Atelje Lyktan

Much like the recent Plug lamp, Hood is built on necessity. Once again bringing a dual function light, Hood meets the basic desire of shutting things out and concentrating light on secluded areas like work-, conference- or dining tables. At the same time, the three-piece modular function lets you build the Hood to whatever size you need. Starting with basic corner units, one can add the compressed industrial felt sheets to scale the pendant for an extensive illuminating form.

“The Hood lamp is more than a lamp. Itʼs a piece of furniture - the size and material has an interesting effect on the atmosphere, making the piece feel so much more than just a pendant lamp”, says Form Us With Love.

Hood by Form Us With Love for Atelje Lyktan

The work on the Hood lamp began three years ago at the Form Us With Love studio. The challenge was to confront the awkwardness of today’s overly undressed communal areas. The solution was found when trying to absorb the focus around the conference table in the design studio. “Open areas become the ultimate flexibility, but emotionally it is not always preferred. In Scandinavia, most offices are too bare and you only have your laptop screen as your protective shield. Hood is built around the emotional value of a shelter, where the intimate room is protected, letting you keep the landscape view”, says Form Us With Love.

“The desire to enable people to improve their quality time by creating a room in a larger room, is much more than merely illuminating things. Comfort should be for everyone. When you sit under the hood you relax and start to think differently, protected by the form and provided with the warm light you feel at ease”, Form Us With Love concludes.

  • Daniel

    Beautiful! I love the flexibility of the system as well.

  • David

    Very nice, but it makes me think of the Cone of Silence from Get Smart.