Les Ailes Noires
by +tongtong


Product news: what appear to be black lines drawn on a wall are in fact 3D clothes rails designed by Canadian studio +tongtong.

Les Ailes Noires by +tongtong

Seemingly two-dimensional when viewed straight on, the horizontal clothes rails are supported by bars angled out from the wall.

Les Ailes Noires by +tongtong

The black welded-steel bars cast geometric shadows onto nearby surfaces, creating the illusion of more volumes.

Les Ailes Noires by +tongtong

The collection by +tongtong contains eleven pieces including a full-length mirror, a wall-mounted sideboard with glass shelf and a ceiling-hung rack.

Les Ailes Noires by +tongtong

Eight freestanding units have rubber feet and wall bumpers so they rest against the wall and require no screws.

Les Ailes Noires by +tongtong

Pieces are available to order in matte black, white powder coating or polished chrome versions.

Les Ailes Noires by +tongtong

We featured similar graphic shapes that pull out from the wall to form a table or clothes rail last month.

Les Ailes Noires by +tongtong

Photography is by Colin Faulkner.

Les Ailes Noires by +tongtong

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  • Farzana

    I think the tilt furniture by Tina Schimdt is a much cleaner version.

  • Emjaykim

    This is amazing design. I’m the owner of a high-end boutique in Seoul and I am buying these to display my wares. Good job +tongtong!

    • christopher g ward

      What’s the name of your boutique?

    • leimeon

      How much did they cost?

  • Flaco

    Les Ailes Noires….The Bird In Borrowed Feathers?

  • vdub

    How much are these racks?