Haze Series by
Wonmin Park Studio


South Korean designer Wonmin Park constructed these chairs and tables from slabs of coloured resin (+ slideshow).

Haze Series by Wonmin Park

The Haze series by Wonmin Park Studio includes a chair, a high round table, two low round tables and a low oblong table.

Haze Series by Wonmin Park

The resin was coloured with pigment and cast in separate moulds before being joined together. The translucent nature of the resin allows the colour of each element to show through along the joins.

Haze Series by Wonmin Park

The pieces will be shown at Design Days Dubai next week and at the Salone del Mobile in Milan next month.

Haze Series by Wonmin Park

Although currently only available as one-offs, Park plans to expand the series with a cabinet and more chairs and tables.

Haze Series by Wonmin Park

Park graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven before setting up his studio in the Netherlands.

Haze Series by Wonmin Park

Other resin furniture we've featured includes a series of wooden tables with fluorescent resin encasing their gouged-out tops and a cardboard and resin table by El Ultimo Grito – see all furniture.

Haze Series by Wonmin Park

Here's some more information from the designer:

Haze series

Basic geometric shapes seem to define Wonmin Park's Haze Series. The entire object gives the impression that it unveils itself in front of us through the opaqueness of its parts. But our perception deceives us when we think it begins and ends there. Each Haze object carries within it a dissymmetry of form hidden from sight. A dissymmetry of form that is balanced out by the colours created in the unique casting process that gives birth to these objects.

Haze Series by Wonmin Park

With its combination of form, colour, opaqueness and texture the Haze series is a balance of rationality and the self in a life where the former often dominates to the detriment of the latter. Wonmin Park's Haze series perfectly positions itself between the substantiality and insubstantiality of life.

Haze Series by Wonmin Park

Material: Lightly coloured resin

  • Vicki

    Pretty! But pretty uncomfortable too.

    • bonsaiman

      And pretty heavy too.

  • Trond

    They have to be the most toxic furniture ever. The heat in Dubai will vaporize the epoxy. I feel like getting asthma just from looking at it.

  • ilana

    I wonder whether the epoxy is vegetable-based.

  • james

    Rothko dining table.

  • Benben

    James, you beat me to it! There’s something quite ethereal about these pieces.

  • celine

    Wow, beautiful colour and poetry. I love this!