3+ collection by
Oskar Zieta

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Milan 2013: Polish designer Oskar Zieta will launch a collection of modular furniture made from Meccano-like perforated steel plates at MOST in Milan next month (+ slideshow).

3+ collection by Oskar Zieta

Each piece of furniture in Oskar Zieta's 3+ collection is constructed from hollow plates of white, black or grey powder-coated steel or raw galvanised steel, which is suitable for outdoor use.

3+ collection by Oskar Zieta

As well as enabling users to combine elements in many different configurations, the holes across the metal surfaces help to keep laptops cool and cables neatly organised.

3+ collection by Oskar Zieta

The plates can be used horizontally as office, workshop or dining tables, or vertically for displays and shelving systems or as magnetic boards.

3+ collection by Oskar Zieta

They come in four thicknesses, with the thickest having three rows of holes on its edges and the thinnest having none.

3+ collection by Oskar Zieta

Other elements include wooden and metal legs to build tables and shelves and an L-shaped sheet that can be mounted on a table as a space divider.

3+ collection by Oskar Zieta

The furniture can be built with the connectors designed by Zieta or with standard screws, so users can take the pieces apart and make their own combinations.

3+ collection by Oskar Zieta

The furniture is already in production and will be presented next month in Milan at the MOST exhibition and at EDIT by designjunction from 9 to 14 April – see all news and products from Milan this year.

3+ collection by Oskar Zieta

Zieta's previous work includes a bulging metal stool formed by inflating its legs with fluid – see all projects by Oskar Zieta.

3+ collection by Oskar Zieta

Other metal furniture we've published includes Thomas Heatherwick's aluminium furniture made by the world's largest extrusion machine and a series of tables and shelves on 3D-printed metal legs – see all design in metal.

3+ collection by Oskar Zieta

Photographs are by Jedrzej Stelmaszek, Paulina Sikorska and Zieta Prozessdesign.

Here's some more information from the designer:

3+ Collection

The office, workshop, kitchen, lounge room and retail are all stationary, yet characterised by mobile function. They tend to follow the contemporary user.

3+ technology reinvents its function every day with every interaction. It becomes an ultra-light construction for the every day, thanks to its strong, innovative and minimalistic features, which you create. In our collection we offer chairs, tables, shelving, but we don’t want to categorise them as office or dining chairs, workshop or kitchen tables, because it is you, that creates their function. Thanks to a simple system of connectors and versatile elements you are able to give each product a new context, function or even create new ones from scratch. Each perforation is a starting point to satisfy your personal needs, accommodating products to new situations and tasks.

3+ is work, hobby and leisure. It is customisation, lifestyle, space – it’s always current, and ready to answer the requirements of change.

Dynamic businesses in which teams outgrow space and new tasks require constant adaptation of office arrangements require flexible and modular solutions. 3+ offers the stability of steel construction required by warehouse or workshop context, as well as the aesthetic appeal essential in a modern office or retail space. While creating the ultra-light, flexible, modular and mobile 3+ system we considered studies about the nomadic lifestyle of the modern human. In the more intimate personal sphere we continue to further exploit our access to mobility, we expand our professional skills allowing us to take on new more challenges. This entails moving from place to place as well as changing our immediate personal space.

Milan 2013 - Salone Internazionale del Mobile

During the Salone Internazionale del Mobile this year Zieta Prozessdesign, design and engineering studio established by Oskar Zieta, will be launching in the exhibition space at the MOST museum at Olona in Milan a new system of modular furniture 3+. This is not only name of collection, but especialy a new innovative technology of stabilisation of thin metal sheets 3+. At the stand also will be present ultralight and bionic furniture made in FiDU technology invented by Oskar Zieta too. You will can take a part in production process and make your own product!

We will exhibit our products at designlink.pl as part of EDIT at designjunction too.

Exhibition and Guide on Polish Design, Milan Salone 2013 at Edit by designjunction is organized by the Creative Project Foundation in partnership with Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Poland.

Zieta exhibition at MOST is Powered by Adam Mickiewicz Institute/www.culture.pl

  • “The holes across the metal surfaces help to keep laptops cool and cables neatly organised.” Kind of a deceitful marketing gimmick, if you ask me ;)