Homedia TV by
Robert Bronwasser


Milan 2013: Robert Bronwasser of Amsterdam design studio Smool presented a television set wrapped in fabric at Ventura Lambrate in Milan earlier this month (+ slideshow).

Homedia TV by Robert Bronwasser

The Homedia TV by Robert Bronwasser has a curved fabric back and stands on brightly coloured legs.

Homedia TV by Robert Bronwasser

"While the number of channels in the past 20 years has quadrupled, the industrial design of the TV exterior did not evolve," explains Bronwasser. "The average telly is a technical black shrine constructed of hard plastic. And the worst part is, its uninspiring form is dominating our interior."

Homedia TV by Robert Bronwasser

The prototype TV was unveiled at Ventura Lambrate in Milan, where other designs on show included patterned rolling pins that make edible plates and a dining booth shaped like an old train compartment.

Homedia TV by Robert Bronwasser

Elsewhere in Milan, Italian designer Luca Nichetto presented a lamp that's the height, size and luminosity of a TV – see all news and products from Milan 2013.

  • Horst Zuckerfrei

    So this design vision of the 90s doesn’t dominate our interiors? Well, I guess Donald Duck would love to have this one in his living room.

  • Lukas

    Looks really neat and clean. I’m wondering, what about cooling the TV?

  • ted

    I’m sure this is amazing and I’m missing the genius. Or maybe there is no genius and it’s just fun. But I think this is the exact moment that I really started to feel design is producing useless tat. Why make this? Why give things like this space? Only thing I can think of is some people feel strongly there isn’t enough noise in the world and want to up it a little. I find this deeply depressing.

  • Kate Millington

    I’m going to wrap my dad’s ancient black & white TV in blue fabric and buy a yellow kindergarten stool to place it on!

  • I agree that it could be a lot better but I think they do have a point about the design of TVs: where is the choice?

  • You would think that there’s a flammability issue with this TV. I for one prefer my electronics wrapped in material that won’t set on fire at relatively low degrees.