Membrane by Benjamin Hubert
for Classicon


Membrane by Benjamin Hubert for Classicon

Product news: this armchair by London designer Benjamin Hubert weighs just three kilograms.

Membrane by Benjamin Hubert for Classicon

Called Membrane, the chair by Benjamin Hubert for German brand Classicon comprises a steel and aluminium frame covered in 3D-woven mesh fabric.

Membrane by Benjamin Hubert for Classicon

"The chair stems from research into the construction of tents and sports products with a focus on space frames and stretched textile," says Hubert.

Membrane by Benjamin Hubert for Classicon

The CNC-shaped framework is wrapped in a 3D-woven stretchy textile cover with integrated seat pads, fastened with zips.

Membrane by Benjamin Hubert for Classicon

"The combination of metal frame and padded textile allows Membrane to use a minimal amount of polyurethane foam – a conventional armchair would be covered almost entirely with foam – therefore reducing the carbon footprint of this type of product," Hubert adds.

Membrane by Benjamin Hubert for Classicon

The design was presented at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in April.

Membrane by Benjamin Hubert for Classicon

In London last year Hubert launched a collection of lamps made from underwear fabric stretched over wire frames that was also based on tensile structures.

Membrane by Benjamin Hubert for Classicon

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Membrane by Benjamin Hubert for Classicon

  • samuel

    Looks like a very technical product to develop with an interesting construction technique. I like.

  • Beautiful chair and wonderful manufacturing… AND THEY PUT A PICTURE OF A PERSON SITTING IN IT!

  • Brian

    Looking past the usual Hubert design blurb (what does space frame even mean? It’s a frame with some fabric over it or am I missing something), what does this do to progress 3D woven chairs which have been coming out for 5+ years? This isn’t a patch on the Vitra/Bouroullec Slow chair. Just looks like a 3D woven barrel.

    • Troll hunter

      Try using Google, Brian, instead of trolling design websites! Cool chair.

      • Carl

        Maybe Benjamin should stop trolling the design world.

  • tittly29

    Probably one of his least appealing pieces, but I still admire his catalogue of work from such a young age. He’s inspirational even if this chair isn’t.

  • Hess

    A really smart chair and visually stunning. Well done Benjamin!

  • So can one take it apart and part it back together oneself, or is this just demonstrating the production technique? Either way I like it and just because there are other woven chairs in existence doesn’t make this less interesting.

  • Ben

    I think Benjamin is an inventive designer, yet for me some of his designs don’t feel fully resolved. Nice idea but stops short of something really desirable.

    • tin

      Totally agree!

      Banjamin, please take your time. Don’t throw out 12 products per year, make one or two good ones. Your starting points are always quite interesting, but you stop too early. This chair is the best example.

      • filipe

        Seems like an innovative piece of work with good formal and functional qualities.

        It would be interesting to see what tin and Ben consider to be unresolved or not investigated?

  • pizzaface

    Like this a lot, but the seating area looks like a cheap neoprene laptop bag.

    Agree with resolving the design details a little more. Good work though!

  • tin tin

    Just looks cheap, knocking out too much too quickly without really perfecting the execution.

    Slow chair looks much nicer and seems more complete, not to mention comfortable.

  • Damian

    His sketches look as if they were done after the design process was already finished.

    • pet

      No sh*t.

  • Chris

    If this is made available for the masses at a reasonable price then it's a truly commendable design. If it's a one of a kind or limited edition then it simply lacks the refinement.
    I very much hope for the public and Benjamin that it's the former.

  • pomodoro

    Benjamin, you have a gift for translating interesting ideas into tasteless objects.

    • kevin

      It’s a good job taste is personal and subjective then, pomodoro.

  • Paul D.

    So much negativity! I’d like to see what all these commenters consider good design to be! It is an interesting concept, intelligently explored and elegantly resolved. Good work!

  • blah

    Insane in the membrane!

  • Kerby

    He seems to be loved by prestigious design houses and loathed by other designers/design fans. I wonder why?

    • andrew

      I think the clue must be in the first half of that question/statement, with an inevitable outcome on forums like this.

  • I love ClassiCon no more. This chair is not what thay are. Sad. :( Time will answer what was worthy.

  • beatrice

    Sorry, but a basic observation is that it looks mega uncomfortable. Look at the models neck posture – that’ll be neck strain in ten minutes. It’s meant to be an armchair!

  • bill

    Looks ’80s. On purpose?

  • Pike

    You don’t respect the chair because you’re not ready for it.

  • Horst Zuckerfrei

    Well balanced proportions and refined details don’t seem to be relevant to the new champions league of designers these days.

    It might sounds harsh, but ClassiCon and Hubert, usually known for eye-catching objects, created here a fish trap-alike chair that is rather aesthetically unpleasing
    and does the brand ClassiCon no justice at all! Back to the drawing board!