Kenny by Raw Edges
for Moroso


Product news: the seat of this chair by London design duo Raw Edges for Italian brand Moroso is made from a single loop of material.

Kenny by Raw Edges for Moroso

The Kenny chair by Raw Edges for Moroso has a pocket-shaped seat fixed to a four-legged oak frame.

Kenny by Raw Edges for Moroso

The seat is made from from a loop of metal mesh, a thin piece of upholstery foam and a "warp and weft" fabric from Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat, which has two colours of yarn woven in different directions.

Kenny by Raw Edges for Moroso

The designers pulled out individual threads to reveal more of the weft, creating a striped pattern across the fabric.

Kenny by Raw Edges for Moroso

"Turning flat material into three-dimensional volumetric shapes can be done in many ways, from pattern-making in fashion to complex origami folding," explained designers Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay. "This project is all about the effortlessness of its geometry."

Kenny by Raw Edges for Moroso

Raw Edges recently created a bookcase shaped like a loom to display novels by young British writers and a display of hundreds of fabric ribbons for Kvadrat – see all design by Raw Edges.

Kenny by Raw Edges for Moroso

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Photographs are by Alessandro Paderni.

  • beatrice

    Why is there no picture of someone sitting on it? Can you actually recline? What’s the seat like?

    • Craig

      Maybe because it is so uncomfortable?

  • Just plain daft.

  • Horst Zuckerfrei

    Trailblazing – a shopping bag chair. Honestly, does this really have to be?

  • amsam

    I'm going to start sending photos of random objects to Dezeen – a hammer, a pile of dirty laundry, a cupcake – and saying, "look, I've 'designed' a new kind of 'chair.'" If the thing does not look like it could be in any way usefully sat on, and the designer makes no effort to show us how it could, I don't see why Dezeen is wasting our time on the unfounded assertion that it's a "chair".

    • please

      Great idea, how about you get Moroso to manufacture it first and then you send it here?

  • kevin

    Oh, it looks really similar to that chair, but this one looks much better I think :-D