Sweeper and dustpan
by Jan Kochański


Sweepings collected in this dustpan designed by Jan Kochański can be diposed of through a funnel in its handle (+ slideshow).

Sweeper and dustpan by Jan Kochanski

The injection-molded pan has an open tube at the back so refuse can be poured straight into a bin.

Sweeper and dustpan by Jan Kochanski

Its curved shaped prevents dust from accumulating at the edges.

Sweeper and dustpan by Jan Kochanski

A horsehair brush with a beechwood handle slots neatly into the funnel for storage, and has a loop at the end to hang it up.

Sweeper and dustpan by Jan Kochanski

Kochański treated the wood with oil to make it smoother to the touch.

Sweeper and dustpan by Jan Kochanski

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The designer sent us the following text:

Most of dustpans sold are a design of low esthetic value. My intention was to design a simple, refined in form and functional solution – an object enjoyable to use. The key innovation is the use of the dustpan’s handle as a funnel. Thanks to that you won’t have problems in removing the dust even to a small bathroom dustbin. The set can be hung in a cupboard or storeroom on the loop attached to the end of the sweeper.

Sweeper and dustpan by Jan Kochanski

The sweeper is made of natural horsehair and beechwood, because natural hair sweeps better than its synthetic equivalent. The wooden handle covered with oil is nice to touch, well balanced and comfortable to hold.

Sweeper and dustpan by Jan Kochanski

The project was made in collaboration with a Warsaw craftsman who has been producing brooms and brushed for many years. The design of the dustpan allows the technology of injection moulding to be applied. The plastic was used in order to obtain a streamlined shape which the waste can easily go through.

Sweeper and dustpan by Jan Kochanski

The project is a reflection on a dull object of everyday use. An object we often use but rarely pay attention to. I wanted to create an object which, thanks to its esthetic and functional quality, would slightly enhance the quality of our lives and make everyday chores more pleasant.

  • mrswoo

    So where can I buy this brush and dustpan?

  • 9732

    …and then you get a horribly dusty/dirty handle to hold too : /

  • Airborne

    At first I thought this is brilliant. However, if you dispose of dust through the funnel, the inside gets dirty, so it won't be a good place to store the sweeper.

    • Kim

      He should add a brush to the handle…

  • luka

    Great concept! I would like to have one!

  • nicey

    It’s cute, but what about stuff that’s too big to go down the handle? Then again, great for collecting dry dirt of the right size, and getting it into a wine bottle.

  • guy
  • amsam

    It's a great idea. I'll hang the broom on a separate peg.

  • I think it’s a nice form with a poor conceptual explanation. If the handle was presented (or maybe it’s self explanatory) as a simple storage solution for the brush that allows both objects to hang in unison, that would have been enough. The second you call it a funnel, everyone, including myself, thinks “DIRTY HANDLE”.

  • Munchman

    But I don’t want to get it dirty.

  • beatrice

    But… then… you…. but then you handle where the dirt goes. Most dirt doesn’t look like the stuff in the photoshoot, it’s sticky and hairy.

    • stzav

      It’s for clean dirt! I salute the “out-of-the-box” attitude though.

      • beatrice

        That's fine to say. It could be for sweeping up electronic components on a desk. S'okay.

  • Phil
  • Anna

    Brilliant! The tray is plastic. Wash it, or wipe the handle? Not that hard! Worth it to have such an attractive dustpan but if you prefer ugly with an always clean handle, plenty of options out there for you all. Love it!

  • Preacher man


    So after sweeping all your crud up, you have to carry it to the bin completely level to stop it from all pouring out of the back and onto the floor again.

    • Heather

      I know, seems the opposite of clever.

  • Tomas
  • meaty

    The hole at the back is a triumph of problem solving and ingenious design thinking. I always struggle to use the massive one at the front of the dustpan…

  • mark

    Just saw this design and it caught my eye, till I realised how stupid it is. You have all that filth going through the tube, you then stick
    the handle into it and next time you use the brush all that mess gets onto your hand.

    The fact that it was awarded an award is yet another sad sign that we live in time of vanity and image. Hope Jan’s design talents can be put to more logical and practical solutions (look up Victor Papanek).

    In the olden times a designer was somebody who solved a functional problem (not created one). If god gave him or her that special spark he or she would solve it beautifully, if not it would just work. This pan is nice to look but does not make practical sense. Sorry.