"We have created a new type
of water" - Philippe Starck


In this movie we filmed in New York, French designer Philippe Starck explains how his Organic tap for bathroom brand Axor dramatically reduces water consumption by combining it with air.

"We have created a new type of water" - Philippe Starck
Organic tap by Philippe Starck for Axor

"We have created a new type of water, which we call 'empty water'", says Philippe Starck. "You have the feeling of having a lot of water, but you have a lot less. That is a new standard that uses less than half [as much water as] before."

Unlike most taps, the water temperature can also be preset at the top so there's no need to adjust it once the water is running. "[Normally] when we change temperature, we lose a lot of water," Starck explains.

"We have created a new type of water" - Philippe Starck

"That's why this product is not a new faucet, it's a new philosophy," he continues. "It's a big revolution because it fits with what we need for today and tomorrow."

Starck cites his inspiration for the form of the tap as a childhood memory of a farmyard water pump. "We have to find the bone, the essence, the centre, the spirit," he says. "I dug into my memory of childhood, and the first time I saw water was in a farm."

"We have created a new type of water" - Philippe Starck

He also wanted the form to mirror nature. "All the lines come from our body, all the lines come from vegetation," he says. "I tried to [capture] the organic energy."

"We have created a new type of water" - Philippe Starck
Philippe Starck

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  • David Cole

    This method for reducing water consumption has been around for years. So Starck needs to be very careful with any claims he’s making.

    I can’t remember the brand name of the tap but it’s something I first came across when visiting the model eco-home at Earth Ship Fife in Scotland some years ago.

  • Jan

    It’s called an airator, and basically every new water tap has it.

  • Luuuc Tessier

    We have created a new type of water. It’s called a shower.

  • Pepe

    Indeed David, I have been seeing this for ages now. It is something widely used in fire suppression systems. Perhaps the way they configured it might be different, but I think it is too much of a statement to say it is a revolution.

  • Nick Simpson

    So Philippe has ‘invented’ the aerated tap. Wow, I thought we’d had these for years.

    Has Starck done ANYTHING noteworthy since that bloody lemon squeezer?

  • gui

    Nick, he hasn’t invented the aerated tap, he’s CREATED A NEW TYPE OF WATER! OMG Philippe, you need to let go of some of that steam, clearly it’s started to burst your brain away!

  • Stan

    Authorship put aside, this technique is quite profitable to humanity. So if it helps its expansion, it may indeed be a good thing to see it associated with the glamorous aura of a famous designer.

  • guz

    What arrogance!

  • jason

    Give Philippe a break – he is jet-lagged.

  • Also, about the temperature pre-set: Grohe and Dorf have been producing that feature for as long as I can remember, which is many decades.

  • Whatsy

    OMG. I can’t believe it is not water! It’s new water. So, now the cup will always be half full… or is that half empty?