Tokyo Table
by Loïc Bard


Product news: this wooden coffee table by Canadian designer Loïc Bard has a gaping mouth for swallowing narrow books and magazines.

Tokyo Table by Loic Bard

Tokyo Table features a distorted circular tabletop that houses the magazine compartment within one end. It is built from bleached maple and it stands on three rounded legs.

Tokyo Table by Loic Bard

Designer Loïc Bard said he created the table during a winter in Montreal and was inspired by childhood memories of a trip to Japan: "I designed this coffee table while remembering the sober atmosphere, the simplicity of the utensils and the rustic environment of the tea ceremony."

"It focuses on a simple aesthetic and the discreet compartment is ideal for hiding books, laptops, magazines and newspapers entirely out of sight," he added.

Tokyo Table by Loic Bard

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Photography is by Andy Long Hoang.

  • Henk

    Smiley, hungry table :)

  • Stophorous

    Why bother to post such a thing? It’s not even a product. Nobody would ever produce it. The price would just be prohibitive, and that does matter! Also it’s “simplistic design” just makes it completely ridiculous. Please don’t post such things.

    • Dr. Spengler

      Please don’t ever post such ignorance and stupidity again. Much obliged.

  • Douglas

    So good, I want to give up.

  • uh, wha?

    Is there something wrong with you? How is this not a product? How is it so unfathomable that this would be produced? And why would the cost be prohibitive? Why would you post such a comment? Not that I really think that this is an example of simplistic design, but how could you possibly label something as simplistic design negatively when that is something designers strive to achieve?

    • Stophorous

      Look at it closely. What production method do you have in mind that would allow this to be produced at realistic price?

      I posted my harsh comment, because I think it’s important for young designers to know that it’s not only about the show.

  • What a beauty! For true design lovers this just could become a new retro icon as it contains so many of the 20th century European design lines, yet with a liberating new touch to it. The lightness of the look and materials used (bleached maple) almost make this a must have, regardless of the cost. Correct, this is not a North American cost-saving design and that is part of the beauty of it.

  • nonarchitect

    How does one get the books/laptops out?

    • Dezeen reader

      With your hands. I imagine the recess doesn’t go back particularly far.

  • That’s a mean looking table. Looks like it would fight to keep those mags.

  • Anton Huggler

    Naaaah, chews them up and spits them out!


    Where can I buy this table?