Unbalanced Hotel
by OOIIO Architecture


Madrid firm OOIIO has designed a lopsided photo frame-shaped hotel that appears to have crashed into a cliff face near Lima in Peru.

The Unbalanced Hotel by OOIIO is to be built on the edge of a cliff near the city of Lima and will offer visitors a five star hotel experience. The hotel is designed to frame the views out over the Pacific Ocean like a picture frame.

"A hotel with these characteristics and dimensions constructed in a traditional way would be a visual barrier," said the architects. "But, thanks to its [the hotel's] peculiar shape, the landscape is now even more relevant - we have framed it!"

Unbalanced Hotel by OOIIO

The leaning building will sink into the ground on one of its corners, and it will feature 125 rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, meeting rooms and exhibition spaces.

Unbalanced Hotel by OOIIO

Sergio Gómez of OOIIO architects told Dezeen today that the firm's private Latin American client is currently seeking a more suitable location for the hotel - originally planned for south of Peru's capital city.

A meeting is to be held in Peru during October where a site will be selected. OOIIO told Dezeen that once approved, the Unbalanced Hotel will take up to two and a half years to complete.

Unbalanced Hotel by OOIIO

Other unusual hotel designs that we've featured include a hotel in China that nestles into the 100 metre-high rock face of an abandoned water-filled quarry, a 300-metre "space hotel" that features a zero-gravity spa and vertical wind tunnel, near Barcelona, and the world's largest underwater hotel planned for Dubai.

Unbalanced Hotel by OOIIO

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Unbalanced Hotel by OOIIO
Scale model

Here's more information from OOIIO:

Unbalance Hotel

Madrid-based OOIIO Architecture has developed a landmark hotel building in Lima, Perú.

Unbalanced Hotel by OOIIO

We have designed this singular hotel for a Latin American promoter interested in creating a unique, innovative and worldwide recognisable building with a moderate investment.

Unbalanced Hotel by OOIIO

The building is located in Lima, a city which is enjoying nowadays a constant growth.

Unbalanced Hotel by OOIIO

The plot is located in front of the Pacific Ocean, in a quiet area outside of the city centre, hanging on a cliff with a relative height that appears due to the proximity of the Andes to the Pacific Ocean.

Unbalanced Hotel by OOIIO
Section - click for larger image

This interesting topography is what we take advantage of to start the hotel design.

A hotel with these characteristics and dimensions constructed in a traditional way would be a visual barrier, so we bet on a frame building that hosts a huge program that could block the ocean's view, but thanks to its peculiar shape, the landscape is now even more relevant, we have framed it! And the observer will appreciate both, sea and land through our building.

Unbalanced Hotel by OOIIO
Section - click for larger image

The outstanding building silhouette immediately grabs pedestrian’s attention and it becomes actually a landmark for the more than 8 million inhabitants of Lima, and the whole Peru.

Unbalanced Hotel by OOIIO

The building has 125 rooms but there are an important percentage dedicated to restaurants, conference rooms, meeting rooms, exhibitions, etc. the unique building's shape will be the perfect frame to attract people and activities into it.

This hotel achieves an extra profitability due to the surprising, interesting and original design.

Unbalanced Hotel by OOIIO

Status: Design Development
Location: Lima, Peru
Area: 16.070 m2
Design: OOIIO Architecture
Team: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Lourdes Martinez Nieto, Cristina Vicario del Cojo, Patricia Moreno Blasco
Client: Private

  • I love this project!!

  • Raramuri

    This is a landscape spoiler :(

  • nadja


  • hotte

    Everyone will hate you because you spoiled the coast – and they will be right. It’s not architecture.

  • Nermin Essam

    What the hell is this? If it is a frame, then why is it leaning? The architects didn’t even choose the site to be framed yet?! Is this what makes it “unique”? It seems like a student project.

  • It looks just like the OMA building, Beijing’s CCTV Headquarters.

  • Allan

    I’m glad it is only fantasy.

  • R23

    By building it straight you will gain a lot of space and save a lot of money. If I were on the coast I would like to stay in a place with open decks rather than an urban skyscraper.

  • David Valinsky

    Designed is a strong word. They’ve drawn a wonky picture frame hotel. But, I don’t know why.

  • JayCee

    Didn’t BIG do a project for a hotel in China exactly the same? Plagiarism at its finest.

  • rodsta

    Horrible images for a worst idea.

  • apocalipstick

    This must be the worst design featured on Dezeen lately.

  • Jam


  • James

    Utterly ridiculous. Watch that frame fall when the cliff erodes or gives way.

  • Allan

    Glad it’s only fantasy.

  • Hornithologist

    This is ridiculous! I can just picture (frame) the design discussions in the OOIIO Office:

    Designer 1: People, I have it!
    Designer 2: What Smithers, have you come up with a concept design for this new hotel that will make us world famous and loved by the Peruvian people? Will it also enhance the beauty of the unspoilt coastline?

    Designer 1: As a matter of fact Jones, I have done just that!
    Designer 2: Well, let me see Smithers.

    Designer 1: Here you go Jones.
    Designer 2: By GOD! This is pure GENIUS! What you have created is a gigantic “picture frame” to “frame” the beautiful ocean, when approached from this dilapidating road! Then you have crashed it unrelentingly into the cliff face! I love it. But, can I make one suggestion?

    Designer 1: But of course Jones.
    Designer 2: Why don’t we tilt it?

    Designer 1: Brilliant! Why didn’t I see that before? A tilted picture frame…it just makes sense. Why would a picture frame be orthogonal anyway?
    Designer 2: Exactly Smithers, exactly.

    Designer 1: Exactly Jones.
    Designer 2: Oh, and Smithers…

    Designer 1: Yes Jones?
    Designer 2: Keep up the good work!

  • rabih

    This project is a catastrophe. Architects can’t do the design without respecting the environment integration, the social reaction, the nature, the culture and the history. Please stop destroying the planet.

  • Dylan

    This makes my brain go OOIIO. And not in a good way.

  • amsam

    Oh people, simmer down. Yes it looks like a student project, obviously it will never be built, but every single big hotel built on a coastline wrecks the landscape. That is what they do. I think it makes for an interesting handful of renders to ponder on. A bit like CCTV but not overly. Also, it’s utterly pointless if it wasn’t tilted, the whole idea is the play of the vertical lines against the tilted form.

    I would like to reiterate my general Dezeen point here: if the only thing you can think to say is “Horrible!” or “Terrible!”or the like, you are guilty of the one thing these renders are not: boringness.

  • Carlos Pinheiro

    Maybe architecture can bring wishes for tsunamis after all!

  • Matt

    Gorgeous! I think that this project is fantastic. I don’t really know why you are all so angry! It works really well and is much cleverer than any other skyscraper…

    I didn’t know OOIIO before, but I have been seeking for some of their work and they seem to be an interesting young passionate team. It’s founder has worked in Foster and OMA, so he probably he knows much more than we all do.

    Matt, Senior Architect from Germany.

    • Carsten

      Only now I know that one should work for Foster or OMA to know more than others.

      Matt, working there means nothing, understanding what you do there or anywhere matters.

      Carsten, senior architect from Germany.

  • velizjoseph

    I am Peru and this building is completely foreign to not only the site but the Peruvian people.

  • Jasper

    This is beyond awful and terrible. The section says it all.

  • guz

    I think it’s Leonardo DiCaprio dreaming a scene in Inception 2.

    • Rutger

      I was thinking of Sylvester Stallone in a romantic movie.

  • Marina

    Do you have a waiting list for reservations?

  • studio67

    Awkward! :(

  • I’m a peruvian architect and live in Lima. This is BS. There’s no way in the world our city government would approve a project of this kind in the Costa Verde, especially because it’s such a protected zone.

    Yeah, there’s plenty of tall buildings for living, but this is plain crazy. Not going to happen. Plain stupid.

  • coubras

    Megalomania, at its best.

  • James C

    Can industrial-designer-wannabes and clueless artists stop enrolling in architecture schools and leave it to the serious professionals? Or if they insist, then at least have them aspire to be a Renzo, a Chipperfield, a Moneo, a Foster or a Campo Baeza and leave the Liebeskinds, Zahas and Bjarkes of the world to perish in the dustbin of regretful architectural history.

  • Gary Walmsley

    Never was a fan of architectural disequilibrium.

  • Woody

    I like it, it’s very creative and a beautiful response to the context. On a more boring note, it would need both a passenger and service lift cores in each vertical element, which is overly expensive and logistically complicated for a mere 125-bedroom hotel.