Movie: Daan Roosegaarde discusses
his Smart Highway project


Here's a movie we filmed with designer Daan Roosegaarde about his concepts for glow-in-the-dark roads and responsive street lamps to make highways safer, one of five projects honoured at last week's INDEX: Award.

Smart Highway project triumphs at INDEX: Award 2013

Dezeen spoke to Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde at the Design Indaba conference in Cape Town, where he presented the Smart Highway project earlier this year.

The concepts proposed by his studio to make road infrastructure safer and more energy efficient include photo-luminescent paint to mark out traffic lanes, temperature-responsive road paint to warn drivers of icy conditions and interactive street lamps that come on as vehicles approach then dim as they pass. Find out more about the project in our previous story.

Announced at a ceremony in Denmark last Thursday, the INDEX: Awards are presented annually to projects that address world challenges.

The Smart Highway project was one of two recipients in the community category, along with a climate adaptation plan for Copenhagen.

Other winners across the four other categories include spice-infused paper to keep fruits and vegetables ripe, a tiny computer to teach young people about computer programming and a birth simulation learning kit in a ruck sack. Read more about this year's winners here.

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  • Maria

    Yep he´s a designer – he uses the words: experience, innovation, sustainability and interactive, obviously without even knowing what that means, but it sounds good…

    When I was younger I really got angry about such people. But since there are so many and I´m a few years older, it´s more about getting sad. Sad because talking about change and about solutions and innovations, which are none and without the knowledge of technological development, this is just the way to generate even more problems by misuse of simply added technology – please stop that!

    • Just A Thought

      I think as someone who is “experienced” you should appreciate the importance of “blue sky” thinking.

      It allows designers to open unseen doors.
      Design is much like science, some of the best discoveries happened by accident, often because someone was given the freedom to experiment and challenge conventional/”experienced” opinions.

      Don’t be another Dezeen bitcher…

  • M0ME

    For everyone who understands dutch, here is an interview with Daan Roosegaarde. It’s 3 hours long ;)