Ta đi Ôtô mini-skyscraper on a tricycle
by Bureau A


Swiss architecture firm Bureau A created a seven-storey mobile performance space and street kitchen, mounted it on a tricycle and rode it round the streets of Hanoi in Vietnam (+ movie).

Tadioto by Bureau A

Geneva studio Bureau A designed the project for Tadioto, a local bar and cultural centre, as a multipurpose structure to be used for anything from a vertical street-food restaurant to an exhibition space.

Tadioto by Bureau A

Made from a framework of blue-painted steel tubes, the mobile structure also has a small PVC roof and a battery-powered fan and lights.

Tadioto by Bureau A

The tricycle was originally owned by the steel worker who built the structure and they adapted it to fit in the bottom section.

Tadioto by Bureau A

"When we were there [in Vietnam] we crossed the whole city with it, from the outskirts in the fields where the bike was actually made to the very centre of Hanoi where we had a small party," said architect Daniel Zamarbide.

Tadioto by Bureau A

"The main purpose of this mobile device was to do a sort of humble 'performance' using local know-how and culture," he added.

Tadioto by Bureau A

There have been a few mobile structures that can be cycled to wherever they're needed in the city recently, including a group of tiny pedal-powered mobile parks in Baku and a mobile town square that features a miniature clock tower on the back of a bicycle.

Photography is by Boris Zuliani.

Here's a short description from Bureau A:

Ta đi Ôtô

Everything is dense in Hanoi, including the milk in your coffee. Everything is used. In unexpected ways “things” live different lives, they reincarnate continuously into new functions, passing from one life to another without a moment of respite. In Hanoi, this magic of creativity ends up in everyday life as opposed to art museums. The blue, a vertical Bia Hoi for Tadioto accompanies this creative movement.

Tadioto by Bureau A
Concept diagram

Conceived as a support for small pieces of lives, as an ephemeral house or as a vertical street food restaurant, it might deviate from its original yet wide function and become something else, an unexpected urban animal. A mini-concert hall? A poetry podium ? It probably just needs to circulate, to stroll around the busy streets of Hanoi and then it’ll decide by itself which disguise to adopt.

Tadioto by Bureau A
Detailed section
  • Joshua Boyd

    So did they rotate the roof 90 degrees (compared to the concept diagrams) to keep the drag down?

  • doug pearson

    Baywatch on wheels.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Asians can get a great deal more on a tricycle that.

  • dalai guevara

    Will it qualify for a help to buy a mortgage?

  • bres

    It’s holding up the traffic,
    It’s hard to use,
    It’s dangerous,
    It’s absolutely unnecessary
    and it’s the best advertising movie l’ve ever seen for a company bureau!
    l Love it!

  • Tom

    Anyone know the name if this song?

  • Vietnamese

    I love this! Very artistic!