After Zaha's "vagina" stadium, here are
six more examples of yonic architecture


Following the row over whether Zaha Hadid's World Cup stadium looks like a vagina, here's a roundup of yonic architecture from the Dezeen archives. As one commenter wrote: "There are enough phallic buildings in the world; maybe it's time for some vaginal ones".

Zaha Hadid's yonic stadium for Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup

Last week Hadid described claims that Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup stadium resembles a vagina as "embarrassing" and "ridiculous" but many Dezeen readers feel the similarity is a positive thing, given how many buildings resemble phallic symbols of power.

"What's so wrong with things looking like vaginas?" asked one reader, while another said the stadium could serve as "a subtle contribution to the women's rights movement in Qatar."

Red Town Office by Taranta Creations
Red Town Office by Taranta Creations

"Yonic" refers to forms that resemble the vagina or the vulva, and Dezeen writers and readers have been spotting them in projects such as the Shanghai office of Chinese architecture studio Taranta Creations, which features a staircase enclosed within a vagina-like orifice. "People entering the stairs are like sperms," remarks one commenter.

Monte St Angelo Subway Station by Amanda Levete Architects and Anish Kapoor
Monte St Angelo Subway Station by Amanda Levete Architects and Anish Kapoor

This subway station entrance for Naples, Italy, designed by architect Amanda Levete and artist Anish Kapoor, is similarly suggestive. "Most of the phallic buildings I have seen in my life have been in Italy," says one of the less explicit comments. "So of all places I cannot think where a design like this it would be better suited."

Leviathan by Anish Kapoor
Leviathan by Anish Kapoor

Artist Anish Kapoor has a penchant for yonic forms. His Leviathan project involved creating a series of womb-like orbs in the Grand Palais, Paris. However one commenter felt this one looks more like a "whale's stomach".

Domino Sugar by SHoP Architects and James Corner Field Operations
Domino Sugar New York by SHoP Architects and James Corner Field Operations

Architectural structures have long been compared to the male organ but the debate about Zaha's stadium has thrown up a number of buildings that are more female in form.

"For those of you who call most architecture phallic, here are your vagina buildings," writes one reader in response to these skyscrapers with orifices proposed by SHoP Architects and James Corner Field Operations for Brooklyn.

"Yonic buildings also do a great job of not blocking views to Manhattan," adds another reader.

Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort by MAD
Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort by MAD

MAD's Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort in China could be the most yonic tall building we've published - although it could also represent a horseshoe, a figure 8, a donut and a specific type of sex toy, according to readers.

Spaceport America by Foster + Partners
Spaceport America by Foster + Partners

Finally there's Spaceport America by Foster + Partners, which prompted one reader to tentatively point out: "Gee, from above it looks like, ummm, well... female private parts."

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    On my art foundation course I was told by a painting tutor that “Men create towers and women create caves.” At the time, 20 and something years ago, I thought this was a simplistic, preposterous, sexist and limited view of creativity. Well blow me, it turns out that I was wrong and that Freud dude may have had a point. For goodness sake don’t discuss sexual expression and architecture; someone might point out the inequity between the quantity of towers to caves.

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    The recent refurbishment of the Cutty Sark in Greenwich deserves a mention. The advertisements around the tube are great. With that said, I think this article takes very lightly a potentially very serious and interesting topic that deserves an academic essay or a good piece of art writing, not a slideshow citing user’s comments, half winking.

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    “Drawing on the debate on the ornament in Vienna” MGP

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    Dominique Perrault’s EWHA Woman’s University in Seoul

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    Zaha Hadid’s stadium is beautiful, and its shape has a ventilating function, which is long overdue in stadium design. If it’s a vaginal form then I guess all the stadiums designed by men in the last two thousand years have been anal. Thank you Ms Hadid.

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    What’s the problem of having a vaginal shaped concept for our design art? Why does everybody think it is ridiculous? Why should we refuse to be inspired by the sexual organ’s shape to come up with our concept design?

    The vagina represents one of the nicest forms in nature by the way and therefore can be a good reference to define the concept designs in architecture and other kinds of visual arts. It works well.