Chair shaped like the tail of a peacock
by UUfie


Design Miami 2013: this chair shaped like the fanned tail of a peacock by Toronto design studio UUfie was one of the most talked-about pieces at the Design Miami collectors' fair last month.

Peacock chair by UUfie

The symmetrical shape of UUfie's Peacock chair is made from a latticed sheet of Corian, a solid surface material that's often used for kitchen work surfaces and bathrooms, which curls round at the bottom and spreads out at the top to create the back of the chair.

Peacock chair by UUfie_dezeen_5

The sheet was slit to create the lattice then stretched apart and folded round in a thermoforming process that uses heat to soften the material.

Peacock chair by UUfie_dezeen_5

"Like children playing with paper by cutting, bending and folding it, we have created a single sheet of acrylic composite material into a peacock," said the designers. "Resembling a peacock tail in courtship or a blossom opening, it makes a visual statement in any space, indoors or outdoors."

The chair comes in two sizes and can be made in any colour. It was presented at Design Miami 2013 last month by Galleria Rosanna Orlandi and is now on show in Milan at Spazio Rossana Orlandi.

Peacock chair by UUfie_dezeen_5

Photography is by Marco Covi.

Peacock chair by UUfie_dezeen_5

  • C Luis H-s

    Huh? It look’s like a prop from Lord of the Rings?

  • Pattiji

    I would love to see someone sitting in it. No lost change in the cushions!

  • 5lita5

    Yes it’s beautiful and unusual, but could we PLEASE see someone sitting on it? From a number of different angles?

  • bgon

    Despite looking pretty cool the chair is quite uncomfortable. It might be better off calling it a sculpture but it definitely does not functions well as a chair.

  • Sian Astley

    I couldn’t give a hoot if it were uncomfortable, the pain would be worth it for such a gorgeous piece of chair art!

  • colleen

    WOW. This is truly beautiful, refreshing and inventive. I’ve seen photos of people sitting in it, and its scale and magnitude is as impressive. I would love to see this in a garden or public park. Way to go!