David Beckham unveils seafront stadium
proposal for Miami port


News: football star David Beckham has unveiled proposals to build a 25,000-seat stadium for his new Major League Soccer (MLS) team on the waterfront in Miami.

David Beckham unveils seafront stadium in Miami port

Designed by Miami firms Arquitectonica and 360 Architecture, the bowl-shaped stadium is planned for a 14.5-hectare site in PortMiami, home to the world's busiest cruise ship terminal, and would offer spectators an impressive view of the Downtown Miami skyline.

"When people think of Miami, they immediately think about being near or on the water. I asked my team to develop ideas for a stadium that embraces the best of the destination," said Beckham in a statement.

David Beckham unveils seafront stadium in Miami port

The former Manchester United and LA Galaxy footballer, who retired as a player last May, will fund the stadium privately. He also plans to open a series of accompanying facilities that would include shops, restaurants, a nightclub, an outdoor screening venue and a possible football museum.

If Miami-Dade county agrees to give the site to Beckham, the building could be up and running as soon as 2018.

David Beckham unveils seafront stadium in Miami port

According to Beckham's real estate advisor John Alschuler, a bridge would also be added to connect the site with the mainland.

"The port of Miami is the right place because it will create a great stadium, it will energise downtown, it will create jobs and economic value," he said.

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  • Matt

    The fact that your headline announces that David Beckman has unveiled the design of this stadium, and not the architect, speaks volumes about the sad, sad state of our profession.

  • rd365

    In this case Beckham is effectively the developer, so this headline does not seem unusual to me at all, as typically it is the developer who unveils large proposals like this (since they are the ones paying for for everything, after all). Is it any worse to be promoting an article with the name of a star developer rather than a star designer? If you want to complain about the sad state of a profession, try journalism.

  • Ben

    Took the words out of my mouth.