Daniel Libeskind breaks ground
on Philippines skyscraper


News: construction is now underway on a 60-storey skyscraper with a segmented pinnacle, designed by architect Daniel Libeskind for Makati, the Philippines.

Century Spire by Daniel Libeskind

Daniel Libeskind, who previously completed a family of towers in Singapore, designed the Century Spire to accommodate offices and apartments in Century City – a mixed-use development in the city south-east of Manila.

Century Spire by Daniel Libeskind

The peak of the building will be broken into three segments, which the architect describes as a crown.

All four facades will feature semi-reflective glazing, while the base of the building will taper inwards to make room for a landscaped entrance plaza.

Century Spire by Daniel Libeskind

Libeskind said that the project would "make a bold and optimistic statement about the future of the Philippines".

Century Spire by Daniel Libeskind

The building is set for completion by 2018 and will feature interiors by Armani/Casa – Giorgio Armani's interior design studio.

It will offer a mixture of 1-3 bedroom apartments, duplex units and penthouses. Amenities for residents will include a library, a swimming pool and a juice bar.

  • Ted GH

    Lovely interiors from Armani, just as you would expect from a top designer. Sloppy, preposterous and unsatisfying exterior, just as you’d expect from a 5th-rate architect like Daniel Libeskind.

    • T

      If you think Armani is a top designer, you’ve obviously never used a mobile phone designed by them. When the thing shut down, it said ‘are you really quit?’

  • Marco

    Sure this is what people in Philippines need, “a bold an optimistic statement” about their future.

  • ZipLoK

    Usually the penthouse apartments are the most attractive units in the building. Daniel Libeskind made the upper floors the ugliest. He really knows NOTHING about architecture.

  • Moehler

    Libeskind is consistent – consistently awful, but consistent. How does he manage to hire people to work on such garbage?

    • Shane

      Unfortunately Libeskind is not alone in lacking taste and skill has a designer. There’s no shortage of visually illiterate kids who think that they are trendy architects because they wear black shirts and thick-framed glasses and read books by pseudo-intellectual French “theorists”. These are the low-end, mostly pretentious, but unskilled gibberish-spouting graduates that Libeskind’s office attracts.

  • Derek_V

    The Holocaust Tower.

  • HelFert

    Even Armani, without any architectural training, would have produced a more sophisticated exterior than this lame mess of trapezoidal foolishness.

  • IDA78

    It looks like a very conventional rectangular tower to which Libeskind merely wrapped his usual, mindless and superficial skin. And he cheapened and diminished the building by doing so.

  • Mazer Hampton

    I pity the intern who had to take Libeskind seriously as he was instructed to work on this embarrassing project. Life is too short to squander it pandering to the ego of a talentless blowhard like Libeskind

  • TechTonIK

    Basically it’s a boxy tower with crap pasted onto it. That’s all Libeskind’s staff are good for – cutting and pasting crap from one project to another.

  • Seamus Loughlin

    I do feel sorry for the poor saps in Libeskind’s office who don’t have enough backbone to get up and leave such a ludicrous practice. Have they any pride in what they do?

  • San Andreas

    Yet again, Filipinos who actually need to be and live in Makati due to work are priced-out. This does nothing but contribute to worsening urban situation and frozen daily traffic of the city. It’s nice, but the last one the city needed.