Meike Langer designs copper clothes stand
to nestle into awkward spaces

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This clothes rack by German designer Meike Langer features a copper arc with a hinged timber frame, allowing it to slot into the corner of a room.


German designer Meike Langer created the Blanche clothes stand as a flexible alternative to traditional garment rails.

The structure can fold in on itself, allowing it to be manoeuvred into the corner of a room and take up less space.


"The system of the two arcs remains flexible and can be placed in the bathroom, bedroom, or in-between, to store and arrange clothes," designer Meike Langer said.

An ash wood frame, made from locally sourced timber, swings out from the main structure to help the stand to balance.


Clothes can be draped over the wooden arm without the need for hangers, while the polished copper arc affixes to the frame via two metal pins in the side and acts as a stand for blazers.

"Both elements are simply fitted together which allows an easy assembly," explained Langer.


A square base plate made from the same ash wood as the frame supports the clothes rack and completes the design.

Langer previously designed a table combined with two coat rails as part of interiors show imm cologne, based on the same principles as her latest design.

A triangular mirror we've featured by German duo Kaschkasch Cologne for Danish brand Menu was also created to slot into the corner of a room and take up less space.