Smiljan Radić's Serpentine Gallery Pavilion
photographed by Jim Stephenson

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British photographer Jim Stephenson has shared his images of the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2014 by Chilean architect Smiljan Radić, which was unveiled earlier today in London (+ slideshow).

Serpentine Pavilion photographed by Jim Stephenson_dezeen_14

Radić – who has built little outside his native Chile – designed the pavilion as a doughnut-shaped shell that appears to balance precariously over a pile of huge rocks. Openings in the walls form balconies, while a bridge and pathway offer routes inside.

Serpentine Pavilion photographed by Jim Stephenson

Following a press preview this morning, critics have come out in favour of the design, with comparisons ranging from dinosaur eggs to turtles and spaceships.

Serpentine Pavilion photographed by Jim Stephenson

"What is most captivating about Radić's heroically peculiar pavilion is the way that it seems to stand out of time," wrote critic Ellis Woodman in the Independent.

After describing the protruding front balcony as like "the head of gigantic, lumbering turtle", he continued: "the spectacularly madcap construction that [Radić] has erected on the Serpentine Gallery's lawn will certainly prompt many to find out more."

Serpentine Pavilion photographed by Jim Stephenson_dezeen_13

Writing for the Evening Standard, Robert Bevan said the building was both "a symbol of hope and something more mysterious".

"Radić has been inspired by the romantic architectural tradition of tumbledown follies in the landscape but his combination of a light upper form and heavy stones below turns what could have been a straightforward re-creation of a Neolithic monument into something vaguely alien and futuristic," he said.

Serpentine Pavilion photographed by Jim Stephenson_dezeen_11

Guardian critic Oliver Wainwright meanwhile branded it the "weirdest structure yet to have graced the west London lawn" and said it "looks like the site of a momentous pagan ritual".

Serpentine Pavilion photographed by Jim Stephenson

The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion officially opens to the public on 26 June – find out more about the project in our earlier story.

Serpentine Pavilion photographed by Jim Stephenson

Last year's pavilion was designed by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto and comprised a cloud-like structure made from a lattice of steel poles. Other past commissions include Herzog & de MeuronSANAA and Peter Zumthor.

Serpentine Pavilion photographed by Jim Stephenson

Photography is by Jim Stephenson.

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  • Colonel Pancake

    Those tables are really bothering me. Radic is such an idiosyncratic architect, you have wonder why the opportunity to create unique handmade furniture was disregarded for the use of the cheapest, most ubiquitous table and chair sets. Surely an effort could have been made.

    Regardless, keep doing your thing, Radic.

  • Rem D

    Wow. Looks really great!