Nendo bases wire Basket Lamp
on Japanese kitchenware


Japanese studio Nendo has worked with artisans in Kyoto to design lamp shades based on traditional wire netting cooking utensils.

Basket lamp by Nendo for Kanaami-Tsuji

Nendo teamed up with Kyoto company Kanaami-Tsuji, which produces traditional kanaami kitchenware used to dip foods like tofu into boiling water.

Basket lamp by Nendo for Kanaami-Tsuji

"Wire netting cooking utensils made by Kyoto artisans have been employed to create Kyoto's delicate, exquisite cuisine for over a thousand years," said the studio.

Basket lamp by Nendo for Kanaami-Tsuji

To create the Basket Lamp, copper wire is twisted into a geometric mesh around concentric circular frames.

Basket lamp by Nendo for Kanaami-Tsuji

This forms a shape that slopes down gently from the light fitting. The mesh is powder-coated in black or white paint to finish.

"The design allows the handcrafted shade's beautiful woven pattern to reflect on the ceiling," said the studio.

Basket lamp by Nendo for Kanaami-Tsuji

The lamps are sold exclusively at Japanese department store Seibu. Other projects Nendo has designed for the store include watches with graphics taken from a draughtsman's tools and flexible polycarbonate reading glasses.

Basket lamp by Nendo for Kanaami-Tsuji

Photography is by Akihiro Yoshida.

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  • each week !

    Nendo must be paying very well to appear each week in Dezeen! :)

    OK relax people, Nendo’s work is pretty cool let’s be honest, but sometimes I wonder if Zaha, Nendo and a few more designers are in some kind of a deal here!?

    • fleisch

      While I don’t think that they are paying to be published here, I would also appreciate to find stuff here that I haven’t seen already on five other blogs a week ago. That once was different.

      I expect a blog like Dezeen to discover the hidden gems of design for me and not just publish the obvious stuff that everybody else also has.