The Living Cube by Till Könneker
saves space in micro apartments


This space-efficient box by Swiss designer Till Könneker creates a separate sleeping area and compact storage solutions for studio apartments (+ slideshow).

The Living Cube by Till Konneker

Originally conceived for the designer's own one-bed flat, Till Könneker's structure combines many pieces of furniture into one freestanding cube, creating two new "rooms" in the process.

The Living Cube includes a platform that accommodates a queen-size bed and an internal space for storage or a workspace underneath.

The Living Cube by Till Konneker

The walls can hold a 42-inch flat-screen TV, shelving, a fold-down desk, storage for clothes and shoes, and even a minibar in a series of compartments.

The Living Cube by Till Konneker

"My own living space had no storage space, but really high ceilings," Könneker told Dezeen. "I wanted an all-in-one solution and one sleepless night, the picture of this living cube came into my head - I made a simple sketch there and then in the dark."

The Living Cube by Till Konneker

"I never had any intention to build more cubes than mine, and certainly not to build a business out of it," he added.

The Living Cube by Till Konneker

Realising that people's needs and spaces would differ, Könneker has designed the Living Cubes to be modular.

The Living Cube by Till Konneker

Elements such as the bookshelf, drop-down desk and drawers can be configured to suit individual requirements.

The Living Cube by Till Konneker

The sleeping platform is accessed via a solid steel ladder, though a narrower variation without a bed can be installed against one wall.

The Living Cube by Till Konneker

The modules are built in Switzerland and North Carolina from three-layer spruce, stained black and finished with bio-oil. Off-the-shelf Clamex-P connectors are used to join the elements together.

The Living Cube by Till Konneker

The Living Cube is available in multiple and custom sizes, and Könneker is exploring options for use in boarding schools, hotels and the military.

The Living Cube by Till Konneker

Photography is by Rob Lewis.

  • Desmond Wu

    Indeed very nice design. Extremely valuable in high-density cities.

  • Walter

    Nicely done though unoriginal.

  • Nedews Aeki

    Ikea in black.

  • Mikel

    I like this rediscovered idea, but do micro apartments regularly have high ceilings?

  • Kerozen

    Nice, but it would have been better with inside pictures.

  • Mark

    A thousand records and no way to play them.

  • elareu

    What’s inside? :S

    • Ana


  • Ivy Shen

    It’s a great solution for small studios in older buildings with high ceilings, especially in the capitals. Wonder if it’s a bit dangerous to the bed above…

  • DaBronxY

    Could it easily come apart? Looks like a pain going up and down the stairs.

  • Gabriel Villalobos

    So basically, a wall unit with a bed on top.

  • Rasha

    Really cool design, but I think it would only work for guys. Women have a lot more clothes.